10 Best Destruction Cards, Ranked

In the grand card game that is Marvel Snap, players can obtain many cards that each have their own individual abilities — or they may not have an ability at all. From all of these cards, there are cards that destroy other cards, or are reliant on being destroyed.

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These cards work together in what are known as destruction decks that are reliant on, obviously, destruction. With so many destruction cards for players to utilize, it’s important for those players to understand which cards work best in their field. This makes them great assets in any destruction deck.

10 Nova

Nova is a card that is easily obtainable early on in Marvel Snap as he is in pool 1 of the game. Nova is a 1-cost card, and he provides a location 2 power. It isn’t Nova’s power that players should be after, but rather, they should work to destroy Nova.

This is because Nova’s ability allows him to give other friendly cards +1 power when he’s destroyed. This makes him a must-have for any destruction deck — especially when in combo with cards that gain power from destroying other cards.

9 Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes is obtainable for players in pool 2 of Marvel Snap, and he has one of the most unique, destructive abilities in the game. Upon destruction, Bucky Barnes’ card turns into the Winter Soldier, who possesses a far greater power than his Bucky Barnes counterpart.

Because of this ability, this card is reliant on being destroyed to be most effective, making it a great asset and combo for any cards that gain power when they destroy. Whatever the case, this card can be a great strategic choice for destruction decks.

8 Carnage

Carnage is another card that players can obtain early, as Carnage is one of the earliest destruction cards that players can acquire. Carnage is a 2-cost card with 2 power, but he has the On Reveal ability to destroy all other friendly cards at his location, and in doing so, he gains 2 power for each card destroyed.

Essentially, this gives Carnage an initial maximum bonus of +6 power in destroying three other cards. Carnage is a great choice within destruction decks with cards that rely on being destroyed — like Nova and Bucky Barnes.

7 Deathlok

Deathlok is a 3-cost card that has a grand 5 power. When played, his ability destroys all other card at his location. He doesn’t gain any bonus power from this ability, but it can pair very well with other cards that are reliant on being destroyed.

He can also be a simple card to play in an empty location that the player has yet to play on — he still provides a useful 5 power, even if he’s not used to destroy other cards. Deathlok is definitely a more strategic card for players to utilize in destruction decks.

6 Gambit

Gambit is a card that players can obtain in pool 3 of Marvel Snap. Gambit has a cost of 3 energy, and he only has 1 power. The player should disregard his power, though, and focus more on his ability.

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Gambit has the On Reveal ability to discard a card from the player’s hand, and then he destroys an enemy card at random (that has already been played). This makes Gambit a great destructive card when interfering with the opponent’s cards, and it can also be a great asset when combined with other cards that focus on discarding cards.

5 Lady Deathstrike

The Lady Deathstrike card is one of the few 6-cost destructive cards, and she provides 4 power to her location. When Lady Deathstrike reveals on the virtual table of the game, she destroys the opponent’s highest power card.

Because of her ability, she can practically win over a location by destroying the opponent’s best card that they played there. This card is great for any player already winning one location who only needs to focus on one other location to achieve victory. She is also a great combo for cards that stack power like Vulture.

4 Venom

Venom is a lot like his red counterpart Carnage, but he has a considerably better ability. Venom costs 3 energy and provides 1 power. Just like Carnage, he has the On Reveal ability to destroy all other friendly cards at his location, but the difference is that Venom takes all the power from the cards he destroyed and adds them to his own power.

This makes it to where the player has extra spots
on that location all while somewhat fusing cards with Venom. This Spider-Man villain also works great with cards reliant on being destroyed.

3 Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi is one of the best cards that players can obtain in pool 2 of Marvel Snap. Shang-Chi will cost players 4 energy, and he provides a fair amount of 3 power. His On Reveal ability allows Shang-Chi to destroy all enemy cards at his location that have a power of 9 or more.

This makes Shang-Chi a great destructive card when interfering with the opponent’s cards. Shang-Chi is also another great counter for individual cards that stack power, like Vulture or Sunspot. Though Shang-Chi is very versatile, he works wonderfully in destruction decks.

2 Arnim Zola

The villainous Arnim Zola is one more 6-cost card that provides a destructive ability. Arnim Zola has the On Reveal ability to destroy a random friendly card at his location and then create copies of that card at the other locations. Because of how great Arnim’s ability is, he has a power of 0.

Disregarding that, Arnim can easily allow monstrous friendly cards to quickly take over the other locations. Arnim Zola works best with cards that are reliant on being destroyed and with high-power cards. Wolverine, Deadpool, and any high-power cards will work great with Arnim Zola.

1 Deadpool

Deadpool is arguably the best destructive card for players to utilize within destructive-based decks. This is because he only costs 1 energy, and though he provides 1 power, his power doubles every time he’s destroyed.

This pretty much makes Deadpool solely reliant on cards that destroy, like Carnage, Venom, or Deathlok. With as many times as the player is able to destroy Deadpool, he can continuously stack up power to challenge the likes of cards with 8 power. Deadpool is easily the best destructive card in the game, and one of the best 1-cost cards.

Marvel Snap is available to play for free on mobile devices and PC.

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