10 Strongest Characters In Tokyo Revengers, Ranked

Tokyo Revengers has touched every milestone to be considered the cream of the crop. From listing itself as one of the best-selling manga to winning several awards in multiple categories, the series has made an irreplaceable name in the anime community. Although there are countless reasons why Tokyo Revengers is doted on, people love it the most for bringing up the concept of street gangs and introducing us to hardcore fighters of anime.

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Street gangs and their conflicts are so impeccably depicted in the series because Ken Wakui, the writer of the series, spent his time with the gangs in his high school days. While every character in the series hones an incredible strength, these chaps easily surpass the others.

10 Shuji Hanma

The best word to describe Shuji Hanma would be to call him a sadist. Everything he does is to relieve himself from the boredom, even if it costs someone’s life. He goes well with Tetta Kisaki, the biggest manipulator of the series, as he finds pleasure in seeing how his plans turn the tables. Hanma cares little for his own life.

Shuji Hanma had been the top member of the gangs like Moebius, Valhalla, and Tenjiku, so there’s no doubt about his physical strength. But his biggest card is endurance, where he easily outranks most people. For the same reason, Draken called him a zombie. He fought both Draken and Mikey in different battles where he managed to survive for a long time.

9 Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai remains a less talked about character throughout the series, but his strength could put the greatest of fighters to shame. He is the vice-captain of the Second Division of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Hakkai might look like a cold-hearted guy, given his appearance, but he is truly faithful to his gang and could reach any height to save his loved ones.

He can be seen fighting for Toman in various instances and taking down several enemies at once. Most of his rivals are just a punch away from defeat while fighting Hakkai. He also has an elder brother with a completely opposite personality but an even greater strength.

8 Taiju Shiba

Speak of the devil; Taiju Shiba, elder brother of Hakkai Shiba, is next on the list. Taiju is ruthless and shows little to no care for his enemies and even his siblings. But what an irony; he is quite religious as he often goes to church. He has all the abilities of a leader, which is why his followers show trust in him.

Taiju’s incredible strength is evident from the fact that he trained the 10th Generation of the Black Dragon gang. If a person is able to survive Mikey’s signature kick, then he’s definitely a hoodlum, and Taiju is one of those few. In fact, he’s the only one to take down Mikey with a single punch, although Mikey took that punch on purpose.

7 Keisuke Baji

Introduced as a villain but turned into a man with a golden heart, here comes Baji, one of the founding members of Toman. He was so incredibly faithful to Toman and his friends that he cast himself as an enemy just to save them. Besides Takemichi, Baji is the only one to clearly see Kisaki’s true face, proving his sharp intellect.

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How strong is Keisuke Baji? Well, he was able to knock down 50 members of Valhalla while being stabbed with a knife in the back. After enduring for so long, he finally collapsed due to heavy blood loss, but he managed to prove his worth before fainting. He was a tough guy since his teenage years as he saved Chifuyu from the enemies by taking them down single-handedly.

6 Takashi Mitsuya

Tokyo Revengers is set in a world filled with mean, nasty, and pessimist folks, but on the contrary, Takashi Mitsuya feels like a calm lake. His mere presence could make the surroundings serene. Mitsuya would generally avoid engaging in a clash but wouldn’t hesitate to trounce the enemies if needed.

Just like any other Toman founder, Takashi Mitsuya wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice his life for the gang and his friends. He could be seen giving his all in several fights and taking down multiple enemies at once. Even after being hit by a rod, Mitsuya didn’t lose consciousness, and his fighting skills are even talked about among other gang members.

5 Izana Kurokawa

Izana might look like a fragile teen with a cheerful personality, but he’s the most ominous of all the Tokyo Revengers’ characters thanks to his dark part. The impact of his past was intense enough to make him mentally unstable, and now he could do anything to gain more power.

Izana was the leader of Tenjiku and also the Eighth Generation Black Dragon. His fighting abilities couldn’t be doubted, but what makes him a menace is how he clearly sees through his foes’ minds and counters their attacks. Being the strongest guy i
n Tenjiku, Izana was able to fight on par with Mikey.

4 Senju Kawaragi

Where on one hand, the series includes delicate women like Hina and Emma; on the other, it introduces us to Senju, a prodigy of strength and force. Before joining Tokyo Manji Gang, Senju was one of the Three Deities of Kanto and the leader of the Brahman gang. Senju had every quality to make her a great leader, but she was taken down by her brother, who wanted to take the gang on a darker path.

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Senju is short in height, but she uses it to her benefit as it allows her to move quickly and fight in an acrobatic manner. Adding her incredible strength to her quick moves, she becomes nearly invincible. Her unbelievable strength helped her stand straight as the top player in Toman and Brahman.

3 South Terano

South Terano was the main antagonist of the Three Deities Arc and the leader of the Rokuhara Tandai gang. He was introduced in chapter 207 of the manga but soon became more popular than most characters due to his tyrant personality and sadistic nature. His short-tempered behavior and audacity to kill were highly feared among people.

South’s gigantic structure even made Draken look like a kid, and his powers equally matched his body. His single blow would be able to take down an average fighter. In the battle of Three Deities, he took down Senju in a one-on-one fight, although, soon after that, Mikey lost his cool and made him taste dirt.

2 Ken Ryuguji

Ken Ryuguyi, better known as Draken, falls second on the list of the strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers. He is one of Toman’s founding members and the gang’s vice president. Draken could easily be picked up as the most sensible among all the Toman’s members. Although he resists showing affection for his loved ones, he could do anything for their well-being.

From a severe knife wound to withstanding a brutal hit from a metal rod, Draken has endured plenty of life-threatening injuries, but nothing stops him from being a monster while fighting his opponents. His punches and kicks are strong enough to send South Terano flying, despite the latter being immensely large. Watching him defeat the whole gang on his own feels ordinary now.

1 Manjiro Sano

Mikey topping the list shouldn’t surprise you at all. He is called “Invincible Mikey” for a solid reason, as there’s no fighter who could stand a chance against him. When Mikey gets serious in a fight, the atmosphere suddenly changes, and even his closest friend, Draken, can’t do anything to stop him.

For most of his fights, Mikey’s signature kick is enough to take down the enemy. Even after being repeatedly hit with a rod, Mikey took down his enemy with a single headbutt. He lifted his opponent, who was holding onto his leg and hit the other enemy with the same leg, taking down both of them. Even the combined attacks of Draken, Peh-yan, Chifuyu, and Mitsuya were not enough to overpower Mikey.

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