21 Best Free Book Download Sites (2022 Edition)

Best Free Book Download Sites: Looking to to download free e-books in PDF or EPUB formats? You are in the right place.

While many bookworms still prefer physical books, e-books have the advantage of being easy to take with you wherever you go. In addition, you have plenty of possibilities to download PDF and EPUB books for free, especially those in the public domain.

Although there are many free book download sites on the internet, it is often difficult to find French content. In the following list I will present you the top 21 best Free Book Download Sites in PDF and EPUB formats, these sites include a library with almost all kinds of books : classic and modern novels and download them for free without registration.

Top 2022: 21 Best Free Book Download Sites (PDF & EPub)

Reading is beneficial because we can get a lot of information from these documents. Technology has developed, and reading books can be more convenient and easier.

Many websites give you access to thousands of free e-books that you can download and read in your spare time. We can read books on our cellphones, on tablets and on the Kindle, etc. This is why many books are available in PDF format.

You are probably wondering in what format the best book download sites offer files. Depending on the site, you may find different formats to download digital books:

  • PDF : reads very well on a computer screen, but not very suitable for phones.
  • EPUB : reads with an application, on all devices. Very practical, because it adapts to all screens, including phones.
  • Web (HTML): to be read directly in your browser, like Firefox, Chrome, Safari …
  • mobi : format similar to the pub, but reserved for the Amazon Kindle app.
  • Kindle Create (KPF)

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Top Best Free Book Download Sites in 2022

Just like streaming websites and Warez download sites, these movie websites are continuously closed and removed. At the time of writing, all of the websites listed below are working and can be used.

The sites below are classified according to the following criteria:

  • User interface
  • Type of links offered and hosts used
  • Monthly visitors
  • Content available
  • Genres and classifications available

Free eBook downloads are hard to find if you don’t know the right places to go. This article lists the best sites that offer free e-books for download.

Writing Reviews.tn

Our list includes over 30 must-see sites for free digital book downloads, all of high quality and in different genres and categories. Carefully reread and digitized books, multiple formats, full interoperability to all your devices.

We let you discover the complete list of the best free book download sites in 2022:

  1. bookies : French books is one of best sites to download for free Novels, Ebooks, Magazines, Newspapers, Self-training on free hosts: Uptobox, 1Fichier, uploaded.
  2. B-ok (Z-library): Part of the Z-Library project, the largest electronic bookstore worldwide. This site also has largest number of EPUB files to download for free and without registration.
  3. Booksc.org: This site offers the largest collection of scientific articles worldwide. 70,000,000+ free items it’s our pick best free science books download site.
  4. Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg offers over 57 free e-books in the public domain with several books in French. He is free to read them and redistribute them. There is no charge, and no custom app is required. You won’t find the latest bestsellers on Project Gutenberg, but you will find many great classics available for free 24 hours a day, 24 days a week.
  5. ManyBooks: This site allows you to download and read over 50,000 books in most digital formats such as PDF, EPUB, Kindle, iPads and Nooks, you can also select the language while searching for your books.
  6. PDF-ebookys : A free PDF book download site with several categories and a classification by year and a simple interface, the download is done through several direct links to file hosts.
  7. Fourtoutici : As the name suggests, on fouretoutici, there is really everything, and especially everything. Indeed, whatever type of reader you are, you should find what you are looking for. Free book of all kinds, more or less well-known newspapers, magazines, Comics, etc.
  8. ebook-zone : Books, of course, but also newspapers, magazines, audiobooks, and comics, you can really find everything on Zone-ebook, and the choice is vast. Registration (free) is practically compulsory, in order to be able to carry out research. Otherwise you are reduced to leafing through the catalog in a linear fashion, without categories to guide you.
  9. Telecharge-magazines.com : Site to download free digital book, ideal for finding magazines and newspapers daily.
  10. Warezlander.com/category/books : This site offers compilations and collections of books for free download by batch.
  11. Webbooks.fr : A free book download site that offers a large collection of PDF and Epub in French.
  12. Fourtoutici.pro/index.php : Fourtoutici is a website offering free ebooks. When you go to the bottom of the page, you find an incalculable number of pdf, these are all the uploaded ebooks (arranged by date of upload).
  13. PDFdrive.com : With over 90 million eBooks in the database, PDF Drive is your go-to search engine for finding free books, magazines, comics, articles, and other PDF documents. There you can search, preview and download e-books in PDF format for free and without restriction.
  14. Free-ebooks.net : Unlike the websites mentioned above, this one includes more book formats, such as PDF, ePUB, Kindle and TXT. PDF format is the most common on this site. Users can choose from several categories, such as fiction, non-fiction, academic, textbooks, classics, fictional audiobooks, non-fiction audiobooks, and children’s books. And before you download a book, the site allows you to preview it.
  15. Pdf-magazines-archive.com : This site has a unique collection of books in PDF format, and will allow you to download the latest issues of your favorite magazines.
  16. PDF.1001ebooks.com : A very good site where you can find recent books classified by category: novel, poetry, philosophy, erotica, history, spirituality, science fiction, etc.
  17. Justfreebooks.info : Do not be fooled by the more than questionable spelling of the home page o
    f this search engine. Just Free Books is a very efficient engine. This service is particularly useful for researching a particular type of work. Note that you can choose to display the results only in French.
  18. Libgen.rs : Library Genesis or LibGen is a search engine for scientific articles and books that facilitates access to content subject to a toll. The platform offers you to download any book for free in PDF and EPUB format. 
  19. Freemagazinepdf.com
  20. Fr.mon-ebook.com
  21. Frenchpdf.com
  22. Tirexo
  23. English-bookys.com
  24. dbfree.me
  25. Bookddl.com
  26. Francemagazines.com
  27. Pdffree.blogspot.com
  28. Archive.org/details/books
  29. 2020ok.com
  30. Pdf-ebookys.com
  31. Downmagaz.net
  32. Largepdf.net
  33. Freebookspot.club
  34. Sci-Hub
  35. Abandonware-magazines.org
  36. ZT-ZA
  37. Kindle (14 day free trial)
  38. Bookboon.com : in addition to ebooks, this platform allows you to access a multitude of manuals. In total, there are more than 50 million PDF files. Basically, you will find rather short books dealing with business, engineering and literature.
  39. Free Computer Books : here, you will mainly find scientific books in PDF: mathematics, computer science, programming, etc.
  40. Internet Archive : This is a non-profit open source project. Here you can find audiobooks, PDFs, videos and other interesting content

Note: If a site on the list does not work, it is surely blocking your ISP. We invite you to read this guide to change DNS server and thus unblock the blocked site.

Don’t forget about Amazon Prime. More precisely, Prime reading, which gives access to thousands of free ebooks in addition to all the other amazing benefits of Amazon Prime.

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Best Free EPUB Download Sites

For an avid reader, it is quite necessary to identify the formats of e-books before downloading them. The EPUB format, which is commonly used in the e-book market, is a prerequisite more than others.

EPUB is an open ebook format that can be read with a variety of different devices, including compatible ebook readers, tablet computers and smartphones. Some of the useful features that EPUB files and readers typically offer include: better searchability within a publication, resizable text.

Indeed, the EPUB format is recommended for download and is compatible with many e-readers and reading apps, including iPad/iPhone, Kindle Fire, Galaxy tablets, as well as the Adobe Digital Editions app for iOS devices. and Android.

Thus, the ePUB format has facilitated the consumption of electronic books on different reading platforms. It is compatible with several devices, has interactive functions, is easy to create and is protected against piracy.

Indeed, several reading devices and software such as Kobo, Nook and Sony, for example, only support e-books in EPUB format.

Here we show the list of top 10 best sites to download free EPUB eBooks:

  1. Book-free : Whether on a trowel, a tablet or a computer as well as on a smartphone or a game console, enjoy your Free Ebooks in formats as varied as Epub, PDF, Kindle, txt, etc.
  2. Ebookfree.blog : This site offers several ebooks available in free ePub formats and which includes a catalog updated daily. I personally use it to download my eBooks.
  3. Free eBooks : To be considered as free, a literary work must have been published under a free license, or fallen into the public domain, 70 years after the death of its author. This site focuses on this second category. Practical for rediscovering the great classics of the XNUMXth / early XNUMXth century. For each work, a multitude of formats is available. Make your choice.
  4. Books for all : On this site, everything is free and legal. No registration required or download limitation. All books can be read online and most of them can be downloaded directly to your computer, e-reader, tablet or smartphone in EPUB format.
  5. iBookpile : This site allows you to download free ePUBs without registration. It offers hundreds of books classified under several categories.
  6. Free eBooks : This site is a forum dedicated to digital books that does not require registration, often in EPUB and PDF format, it also includes a listing of the latest free EPUB books uploaded for download, you can also request your books.
  7. Epubbooks : Choose from the collection of the best hand-selected English language public domain books of the past five hundred years. This site is the perfect place to download free and free ebooks.
  8. Kobo : The site offers over 33 free eBooks in over 000 digital formats, including EPUB, Mobi, PDF, and more. You can easily find a Kobo EPUB eBook by looking at the most popular titles or recommendations.
  9. Free eBooks : This site offers thousands of books in PDF, HTML, ePud, eReader format which are classified in more than ten different categories: Novels, Comics, Practice, Dictionary, Magazines, Theater, etc.
  10. Decitre : Discover more than 5000 free ebooks to download mainly in ePub and Pdf formats. Find all the literature, youth, classics, and extracts of new releases for free.
  11. 1337x.tw : This site allows you to download epub books in torrent sites.
  12. largepdf.net
  13. Bookworm.com
  14. English-bookys.com
  15. eBookchasseur.com
  16. My-ebook.com
  17. Bookrix.com
  18. Bookyards.com
  19. Libgen.rs
  20. feedbooks.com

The ocean of books is endless, but our money is limited. The sites on the above list offer you to download EPUB eBooks for free and without even registering for an account.

I hope I made you want to read more books… Please give your opinion on this selection of sites to download free books in French and if you have other book download sites, please feel free to to tell us the addresses in the comments section and don’t forget to share the article!

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Another alternative to know is the audio books which are a remarkably easy and conve
nient way to “read” a book without having to purchase a printed copy. Best of all, there are many audiobooks you can read online without downloading them first, whether they are romance novels or adventure stories from sites like: Digitalbook.io, LibriVox

Don’t forget to share the list!

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