56 DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for 2023

Whether you are on the hunt for Valentine’s Day card ideas for a significant other, friends, family, or your kids’ classmates, these cute homemade valentines will convey your Happy Valentine’s Day messages with style and creativity. Not crafty? Not to worry. From easy printables to simple Valentine’s Day crafts to watercolor art inspiration, you’ll find ideas here for every skill level.

If you’re looking for the perfect little something for children to stuff into classmates’ valentine boxes at school, set those little hands to work crafting “love bugs” (idea #26 on this list). Or, treat everyone in the class to a small gift, such as a sweet treat, cute pencil, or glow stick, along with a card bearing a clever Valentine’s Day pun to tie it all together.

Want to create a special keepsake for a loved one (or the one)? Make a DIY photo card embellished with buttons, spell out X’s and O’s with handmade confetti, or pull out the paintbrush for some freestyle art. The recipient will treasure your creation always, especially when you inscribe it with one of these meaningful Valentine’s Day quotes. Whichever card idea you choose, one thing is for sure—it’ll warm your valentine’s heart on February 14.

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