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While it may be short, A Day With Gwen is a fun lewd game that I was very impressed with as I played through it. This is one of many XXX parodies of the hit franchise Ben 10. I think this one is one of the better ones actually and while it may be short, you do have enough variety and options in the game to make it worth your while jumping back in and playing through it again.

Hanging With Gwen

I have played more lewd Ben 10 games than you would think, but one of the things that I feel A Day With Gwen here does very well is scale back the story. Ben 10 is a sci-f9 show about aliens, but this game focuses on the relationship between Ben and his cousin Gwen. Grandpa Max has headed out for the day and that leaves Ben and Gwen alone in the RV where they can do all kinds of stuff together, if you know what I am saying!

All Grown Up

One of the things that I really like here is the art. They have made Gwen look older than she normally does which is a very good thing. It has a great animated style to it all and I think that A Day With Gwen manages to look like the show, but also put its own stamp on things at the same time. There are different sex scenes in the game and I liked it how Gwen had many different facial animations. I think that the animations they have given Gwen in this game do a great job in giving her more personality than what you usually get in a game like this.

Lowering Those Inhibitions

At the end of the day what we have here with A Day With Gwen is best described as a visual novel game. You will read the story and then you get to pick from one of many different choices in how you react. You can watch movies with Gwen, play games, and so on to try and raise her affection towards you. If you want to take a shortcut, you can just break out the whisky and get things going that way. The choices here are good and I liked how different the dialogue was each time. You have a couple of different endings to work towards as well so there is more than enough reason to jump back in.

Horny Mode!

Once you have gotten both the endings that A Day With Gwen has for you a new mode opens up called Horny Mode. I was very surprised by this, it takes place after the ending of the previous game, but while the sex CGs are the same, you get a whole bunch of new dialogue which is interesting. I do wish they could have done a couple of new CGs for this extra mode, but still, I like what they have done here.


Overall, I would have to say that A Day With Gwen is one of the better XXX parodies of a lewd game that I have seen. It is a fun and well made visual novel and while a playthrough is a bit on the short side, I do like how you have a reason to play through the game at least three times. Also, the fact that the game is short does mean that it does not overstay its welcome.


  • I thought that the story was pretty fun
  • Gwen is animated very well
  • You have different endings to obtain
  • You also get an extra mode to play through once you are done


  • I wish that Horny Mode had at least a couple of new CGs
  • I guess you do have to be somewhat familiar with the show to appreciate this

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