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The internet loves games where cats are involved. It also enjoys casual games about organizing things, bringing the ultimate high of a streamlined life. So what’s the result of those two generally-shared adorations? A title about arranging things and avoiding messes by a mischievous feline, of course.

A Little to the Left has everything needed to instantly pull the far reaches of the casual player base into its grasp. Cats, puzzles, and a non-stressful game environment players can jump into at leisure and de-stress from the cares of the world. It’s hard to see how the game won’t make an impression on us, but things can go very wrong for even titles that are meant to be relaxing.

Feline Frolic

The beauty of organization puzzlers is that they need little narrative, lore, or tutorial to get players stuck into gameplay pretty fast. One core objective in A Little to the Left is to get things arranged to an aesthetically pleasing standard. The only problem is that you have a cat that’s hellbent on causing chaos to that ambition, casually deciding to interrupt your hard work at random times.

That real-world issue has translated into a video game very well, but we never doubted it wouldn’t. A Little to the Left features over 75 puzzles, ranging from stacking papers neatly to messy potting accessories into appropriate containers. And yes, completing each puzzle is just as satisfying as the next. No challenge will be too great, but it will stretch your brain enough to feel accomplished when you get the job done.

Despite the game’s attempted ‘relaxed’ nature, it’s easy to see how some puzzles can frustrate players, let alone the interruptive nature of the cat. The minimalist aesthetic removes some of the intuition of the challenges, leaving players unsure of how to progress. And once you think you’ve made some headway, here comes the pet to go and mess things up again.

But ultimately, the simplistic approach and resulting satisfaction prove that A Little to the Left is a good puzzle game. It’s one of those titles you can play a few minutes daily to give your brain a workout and come off with a positive feeling. And before you ask, yes, you can pet the cat.

Mastering the Art of Organization

One of the standout features of A Little to the Left is that the puzzles incorporated into the game are real-world organization challenges. That makes gameplay all the more satisfying, knowing you can translate fundamental skills into solving video game challenges, including those caused by a cat. However, it is a simplistic game that everyone won’t adore.


Plenty of players would prefer the more meticulous organizational challenges, such as those presented in Unpacking. Games like these strip away the standards of a more focused, varied puzzler in favor of a simpler aesthetic with straightforward puzzles. It won’t win everyone over, but it will undoubtedly be a treasure to casual players worldwide.

Round-Up – Pros & Cons


  • An excellent casual puzzler with satisfying results
  • Games with cats are always going to be popular
  • Varied challenges that aren’t overly complicated


  • Won’t appeal to players who enjoy more meticulous puzzle games
  • Frustrations arise from the cat undoing hard work

A Little To The Left is probably the biggest surprise hit for me in 2022. This is a lovely puzzle game from the development duo, Max Inferno and I fell in love with this game right from the start. It is such a great experience that I feel this is the kind of game you have to play to truly appreciate its brilliance as words cannot do it justice! Still, with that being said, I am going to try my best to let you know why you have to play this game!

An Everyday Life

I get some very similar vibes with A Little To The Left as I did with the equally as excellent, Unpacking. We have a couple that lives with their cat and we are just trying to help them add a bit of order to their life, which is easier said than done thanks to their mischievous cat that loves to mess things up. The whole game just has a lovely vibe and like Unpacking, you feel you get to know these people as you help organize their life.

Life Is One Puzzle At A Time

The way that the puzzles in A Little To The Left work are absolutely brilliant in their simplicity. Each puzzle has you needing to sort something. It could be organizing some pencils in the right order, putting the mail stacked neatly, tidying up the cat’s toys into a basket, and a whole lot more. Each puzzle has its own charm and you just move and drag items with the mouse to where you want them or to pull them to the front of a pile. That naughty cat will come and mess things up every now and again for a little extra challenge. There is also a daily challenge called, the Daily Tidy Delivery which gives you a little extra bit-sized challenge each day.

Keeping You Going

A Little To The Left is just such a joy to play and they have made sure that even though this is a puzzle game, players can always keep progressing. The game has a nice little audio cue that will let you know when something has been put into the right space. There is a very clever hint system here if you get stuck. The completed puzzle will appear, but it is scribbled over. You can pick up an eraser and slowly start to uncover the puzzle so you can just uncover the part you are stuck on if you wish or you can uncover the whole puzzle. You can also “let it be” this lets you just straight up skip a puzzle and move on to the next one.

Unpacking A Great Game

The visuals and whole style that A Little To The Left has going on is something that I love. I have mentioned Unpacking a couple of times and I get the same kind of vibes with this game, although this one is not using pixel art. It is just adorable and very nice to look at. Plus, it is impossible not to smile when that trouble making cat comes along and starts causing you some problems by wanting to play!


I had a feeling that A Little To The Left was going to be a good game, but I was blown away by just how great this game is. The more I think about it the more I am sure that this is my favorite puzzle game of the year. It is just so much fun, so wholesome, and such a lovely and positive experience that it is impossible to play this and not smile the whole time.


  • I love the whole style that this game has
  • The game tells a story in a very interesting way
  • I like how each puzzle had a different everyday problem to solve
  • They add in a new puzzle each day which is awesome


  • The game is so good, I wish that there was even more!
  • I cannot think of another problem with this game

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