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Seriously, why does everyone keep comparing Korra to the Book 3 Aang? I mean, of course he’s going to have more experience, he’s been chased for nearly a year. Korra has only been in the city for a few months. So, yes, she’s a bit wet behind the ears, but other wise I’d say Korra would win. Obviously this would be a close match but as is Aang isn’t that great of a fire or earth bender. His greatest feat without the Avatar state was lifting steps or shooting some fire, other than that Korra had shown far more discipline when using fire or earth. This could be seen when creating ramps, destroying walls, and etc. This isn’t to say that Aang wasn’t a good earth bender, but I would hardly say he was a master of it. He never followed the true philosophy of earth bending, he would always dodge, the philosophy of air bending. In fact, when it comes right down to it, Korra has the physical side mastered where as Aang only has the spiritual side. The only two elements he had embodied was water and air, which Korra (water bending that is) is thoroughly even.And yes Aang’s air bending is an advantage but not that great of one. When using air bending he fought against enemies who stayed predominately still he could hit them easily. When fighting Azula, Mai, Ozai, Boomie, Toph, and others, they never stood stil and made for harder targets to which he had to confront in close combat which Korra has a great advantage in. Korra is a great Pro-bender and can easily be agile. She’s avoided three benders blasting at her at nearly point blank range and you mean to tell me she can’t avoid his gusts of air. She can dodge his blasts, in fact I’d say physically she’s more agile (not counting the addition of air bending) since she’s fought hand to hand against equalists, as in Ty lee’s fighting style that nearly all of Team avatar was taken out by. So yes, she could dodge his attacks like Zuko and many others did, not to mention she could make a shield from earth, something Aang only did in the fight against Ozai. I have respect for Aang but calling him vastly more experienced is a bit much. If we take a look back at his experience in battle it mostly involved running away to have his enemy chase them into a fortress or sneaking around. The only time he had direct confrontation was when he had his friends near by or had no choice but to, and in a fight between Korra and Anna, the only advantage air bending would give him would be to force her to follow him into an area, and i the end it would lead to him running away before the fight could commence. Even considering that, Aang’s tactics weren’t that great, it was Sokka who came up with the plan most of the time anyway. The only time Aang got the better of someone by getting them worked up was when he fought against Zuko and General Zhao. Let’s take a look at these two. Brash, very angry, filled with rage to capture the avatar, and didn’t take training to keep their calm. Korra has learned to keep her head, so this argument saying she would lose it is pretty much invalid. Lastly, she could hit him; Pro-bending: hit moving targets. Korra’s hit targets: Equalists ninja’s, faster moving tanks with arms and grappling hooks, other opponents in pro-bending matches, and blimps I believe. (check me on that last one though.) In conclusion of this long and blabbering nerd out, Aang isn’t that more experienced than she is and his mastering is only shown in Water Bending and Air bending, and Korra learns air bending in the end along with energy bending. 😛 Although she has yet to go avatar state, but that’s only triggered in times of life or death so I doubt you can say it gives Aang any edge.

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