ABA Private Server Codes 2022 (Update!) (Anime Battle Arena)

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Looking for ABA Private Server Codes 2022? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get the working Anime Battle Arena Private Server Codes that help you to access the ABA Private Server.

Anime Battle Arena is an amazing Roblox game where gamers can play characters from popular franchises like Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and more. In this popular MMO game, gamers have to use their best strategic skills and indulge in online battles with other gamers. Each in-game character has different skills and requires different handling to actually perform to their maximum potential.

This is where Private Servers can help gamers a lot. They cost 600 Robux to buy in the game and are one of the most effective ways to improve gameplay. While they do not grant XP and gold, they do provide gamers with much-needed in-game practice.


Additionally here we have put together a list of Anime Battle Arena Private Server Codes that gamers can use to access private servers in the Anime Battle Arena game. Now without further delay let’s start the ABA Private Server Codes list.

Codes Update – 25th October 2022

ABA Private Server Codes 2022

Here is the list of working ABA Private Server Codes


  • 2Z4cYX
  • 63gdKY
  • LkLgaG
  • bj39L4
  • LJ5Gdg
  • Jv1fc6
  • f2df3k
  • 21ZhYf
  • iibikY
  • ZQb3H6
  • R9R5lj
  • ggR18T
  • kLzHhK
  • iiRQHd
  • xxJzfJ
  • 1TkLJX
  • 1QJlhT
  • IY94fK
  • 66J94G
  • 7LkJb7
  • 9gG5vh
  • HzHil
  • jIly5X
  • 2Q6ZI7
  • aYvJQ9
  • J59eTb
  • XH7y6G
  • 4ivhhf
  • 55RyQ4
  • QILg1c
  • g4L6iK
  • 4Tvkid
  • dJ5RiQ
  • hlybie
  • 9a6584

Private Anime Battle Arena servers usually cost 600 Robux, but with these server codes, you can hop right into one at no actual charge.

While there is no guarantee these ABA servers will be completely empty of in-game players, they will likely be many emptier than the public servers, so they are really helpful to visit if you either want to practice your in-game moves or play with other gamers.

Also, remember that these ABA Private Server Codes are available for a certain period of time so use these codes as soon as possible.


How To Use ABA Private Server Codes?

If you are not actually sure about how to use ABA Private Server Codes so here is the complete process of how to use:

First players need to open the ABA game. Then, they can click on the Private Server option on the main menu.

  • Afterward, once the player actually clicks on it, he will be asked for ABA Private Server Code. After entering the right Server Code, players can click on “Join” to go to the ABA Private Server.
  • In any scenario, if a player’s buddy has an ABA Private Server and they are already in it, their name will show in the middle. Next, the players can press on it and they will be taken to their private server. On the other hand, if a gamer owns a server, their name will be displayed and they will be able to actually join without entering any required server code.
  • Gamers that currently own a game pass can create their own code by pressing on the Create option.

Where To Get More Anime Battle Arena Server Codes?

If you need more Anime Battle Arena Server Codes so you can check on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.


Also, you can find the Server Codes on social communities like Reddit, Discord, and Facebook groups. Additionally, you can search the Anime Battle Arena Server Codes on youtube.

Here are some links that help you to follow the Anime Battle Arena developer


We hope you like these ABA Private Server Codes. In this post, we covered working Roblox Anime Battle Arena Private Server Codes that help you to access the ABA Private Server.


If you have any questions or feedback related to Roblox ABA Private Server Codes so comment box is always open for you.

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