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Amphibia AU: Far From Home, Part 26

[Part 26: Thai Family Feud] It was now Lunch Hour at the Thai Go restaurant, and mostly everyone was in the kitchen. Anne and Olivier were working together as usual, with Olivier applying his own mixed potions to enhance the flavor of whatever Anne was currently cooking over the stove. Oum was chopping lettuce, while Sprig was jumping up and down. “How can I help?!, How can I help?!, How can I help?!” chanted Sprig. Sprig then jumped on Olivier (nearly knocking him, and Anne over.) “SPRIG!!” exclaimed Anne. “CAREFUL, SPRIG!” exclaimed Olivier. “Sorry. I just want to help.” said Sprig. “CAN I help?!” “It’s alright dude, we got this.” said Anne. Sprig then hopped over to Anne’s mother. “Can I help!??” “Don’t worry about it, pink frog.” spoke Oum, focused on her work. “You’re our guest.” Oum then hands Sprig a plastic cup filled with a liquid. “Why don’t you sit in the corner with a Thai ice tea.” Sprig scowls as he take the cup, and sits in the corner. “Ugh…I

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