All artifact locations in the Lost Island expansion for Ark: Survival Evolved

The new fan-made and now official map Lost Island has been released for Ark: Survival Evolved, and with it comes a bunch of Dinosaurs and new areas to explore. Covering an area of ​​150 square kilometers, this massive new map is packed with secrets and locations to discover. Among the new things to discover are the Antiquities caves and locations scattered across the map.

Artifacts of the strong

The artifact of the Strong is located at coordinates 26.3, 54.5 and is an Aberration Cave. To enter this cave, you have to go behind the waterfall and continue through the green area. Dangers in this cave include the following Dinosaurs: Carnotaurus, Megalanias, Pulmunoscorpius, Arthroplueras. Raptors, Ravagers, and Onycs, so we recommend bringing good weapons and armor, or you can get through them if you have enough grappling hooks.

To find the artifact, go into the cave until you find a waterfall and drop down – immediately follow the water down and turn right. Follow the path until you find the blue flower tree in Abberation and you will find the Artifact of the Strong on a small bridge over the land.

Package’s Artifact

There are two entrances to this cave; a time 37.1, 32.7, and for a while 34.3, 32.4. The easiest way to use it is that you have to drop straight into the cave through the waterfalls. Beware of the many insects that guard the cave, and once you’ve surfaced, you’ll want to follow the water’s path down, as well as the green mushrooms that light the way.

Keep following the glowing mushrooms until you come across a segment of cobwebs, and you can turn left or right at the junction until you come across more mushrooms and webs. Artifacts are guarded by Araneos, so again, a weapon is recommended.

Artifacts of Smart People

The Artifact of the Intelligent Man is located at coordinates 25.4, 43.0. The area is in the jungle but the entrance is actually underwater and protected by the Piranha and Sarcosuchus fish. You don’t need scuba gear as the swimming time is very short. Once on dry land, walk straight through some greenery until you reach a small cave. Go to the back of the cave and turn into the tunnel with glowing flowers and mushrooms at its entrance; Keep going down this road until you come to a fork.

Choose the path with the glowing plants on it and keep walking on the path with the glowing plants and mushrooms until you come across a spider web. Follow these until you meet Artifact.

Hunter’s Artifact

Artifact of the Hunter is located in 34.1, 15.3. This Artifact Cave is a bit confusing and you may need a grappling hook as well as a weapon. Enter and turn right and walk towards the orange light; you can grapple towards it or run around and walk. Once you’ve reached the area, look for the glowing mushrooms on the floor and follow them until you come across more orange crystals and a large waterfall cave.

Once you’ve reached this area, drop off and you’ll have to follow the yellow water on the ground towards the back of the cave away from the Onycs. Once you’ve reached the crawl space, crouch and dive deeper towards the Artifact.

Brute’s Artifacts

In the Scorched Earth biome, the Artifact of the Brute is in 81.8, 82.7, behind a small waterfall. Enter the cave and follow the water. Finally, the path descends; Keep going to the left of the paths until you come to a cave with a crate of loot. Take the path on the right and go through the crowd of Dinos, and the next cave you enter will have Artifacts on a stone platform.

Artifacts of the crafty

Placed on the cliff, you will need to go to the coordinates 55.7, 71.0 and into the cave. Head down the path and you will enter a large cave with a shipwreck, enter this shipwreck and go straight through it. Once you’ve passed the shipwreck, head towards the tunnel on the left and head down.

You will be faced with a left or right choice; the left option would be much nicer, but the most direct route is to go to the right towards the light. Following this path will take you down until you reach Artifact.

Immune’s Artifacts

The coordinates are, 26.7, 70.0, and it is in the Volcano area. The cave itself is easy to get lost and it is also filled with lava as well as other Dinosaurs and Dinosaur so you will need water, as well as good armor and weapons.

Follow the stone bridge across the lava as far as you can, going to the right. Once you’ve reached the first cave, turn left out of the lava and follow the tunnels. You’ll need to go through the crate, be careful with the lava in front of you while continuing up the stone ramp where there will be an Artifact at the end.

Artifacts of the Cannibal

Easiest to get if you have scuba gear; it is at coordinates 78.3, 20.6 by the sea poles. Dive straight down until you see the shipwreck. The Artifact is at the bow, so swim to the front of the ship and use a tool like an open hammer or pickaxe to break the wooden slats until you can swim into space.

Artifacts of the Crooked and Massive

Demon and Massive Artifacts are in the same area and coordinates 59.0, 47.4 in a swamp. You need to swim down between the three rocks and go right down through the cracks of the rocks in the water. Once you’ve reached the bottom, you need to find the gap and swim until you’re in the tunnel system. You can follow the tunnel left or right until you reach the maze. The dangers of this maze include wild Dinosaurs as well as arrows, explosive grenades, and anesthetic grenades, so you’ll need stimulants and possibly a gas mask.

The maze is more or less navigable by holding to the right as you go inside, and patches o
f blood often indicate dangers ahead. There are many pressure plates on the ground. The Artifact of the Devious is behind a cage and the button is behind some crates; The Artifact of the Massive is above the portal, activated by another button in the room on the wall.

Artifact of the Massive’s room is jammed with various pressure plates and buttons, but you need to find the one with bloody handprints and dead bodies on its feet. All artifact locations in the Lost Island expansion for Ark: Survival Evolved

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