All Moth to the Frame picture locations in Hogwarts Legacy

There are plenty of side quests to complete around Hogwarts and the surrounding world. Many are considered relationship quests because they determine your status with the other students around the school. However, there are some puzzles that carry on, like the Moth to the Frame quest, as its own challenge for you to complete as you wander around the grounds. Locating the Moth pictures and returning their moths allows you to earn rewards toward your Field Guide challenges. Here’s a guide on where to locate each one.

Where to find all the Moth to the Frame picture locations in Hogwarts Legacy

These moth pictures are hidden all around Hogwarts and outer locations, waiting for their moths to be returned to them. Shining your Lumos light into the picture will reveal an image for you to track down a moth and return it to the frame. Since there isn’t a clear local map, you’ll want to really pay attention to your compass and utilize your Revelio as much as possible to help find them. Here are all the locations to look:

Central Hall Moth to the Frame Location in Hogwarts Legacy

The Central Hall location is where you will begin the side quest with Lenora, who will claim she’s been trying to figure it out and asks for your assistance. The picture is hanging on the wall just opposite the library entrance and to the left of the central fountain. If you haven’t yet taken the side quest, Lenora will still be standing in front of it. The missing moth is just straight down and to the left under the staircase.

Library Location Moth to the Frame Location in Hogwarts Legacy

You can find another moth picture on the second floor of the library. It is tucked away into the upper right corner. Since there are so many bookcases and rows, it helps to use Revelio to locate it a bit easier. You won’t have to wander far to locate its missing moth either. Look for the large portrait on the opposite side of the upper floor, and the moth is on the podium in front of it.

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Great Hall Moth to the Frame Location in Hogwarts Legacy

This picture is located just right outside The Great Hall. If you use the Floo to teleport to The Great Hall, you will find it just inside the corridor before, under the large Hogwarts banner. The picture will reveal the moth is just a little further inside The Great Hall on the Headmaster’s podium.

Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower Moth to the Frame Location in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll find another frame on the wall directly inside the Defence Against The Dark Arts Tower. This a long and winding staircase of floors and can be a bit confusing. The best way to find the frame is to quickly travel using Floo to the DADA Tower, and you’ll pretty much be right in front of it. It’s located straight and to the left of the Floo teleport. The moth, according to the picture, is located on the column just outside the DADA Classroom.

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North Hall History of Magic Classroom Moth to the Frame Location in Hogwarts Legacy

You can find this moth picture by first heading to the History of Magic classroom. Take the Floo to the Bell Tower Courtyard and then navigate up the left stairs and through the doors until you come to the North Hall. From the History of Magic classroom, the picture is located up the staircase opposite of the door and on the wall. The picture reveals a large window and the sphinx statue nearby, where you will find the lost moth.

Water Wheel Hogsmeade Moth to the Frame Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogsmeade has plenty of goodies to discover, including some hidden moth pictures. These ones are a bit lower to the ground, but you can still easily locate them using Revelio and looking for that blue outline. You’ll find one on the northeast side of Hogsmeade at the building with the water wheel. The picture will reveal a lamp post just down the path from the building where you can find its moth.

Hog’s Head Alley Hogsmeade Moth to the Frame Location in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll find another frame tucked away in Hogsmeade toward the lower southeastern side. If you head toward Hog’s Head and walk around the back of the buildings to Hog’s Head Alley, you’ll find the picture leaning against the building. The picture will reveal another lamppost location at the back of a nearby building with large kegs against the side, where you can find the moth.

These are just all of the moth picture locations we are aware of right now. We aren’t sure how many there are in total, but we will keep updating this page as we find more, so keep checking back. Completing these challenges is a great way to earn unique rewards for your character and discover new locations and secrets around the world.

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