American Pickers’ Danielle Colby goes nearly naked in a bra and thong in new video, prompting fans to ask, “Why isn’t that on the show?”

AMERICAN Pickers star Danielle Colby has given fans more than they bargained for in a new video wearing a bra and thong.

The reality star took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off the daring ensemble.

In the clip, Danielle strutted through her bedroom, cradling the nearly nude thong lingerie while twirling a large blue and white feather.

She almost bared her breasts in the sheer top, although her bottom was completely exposed as she shook it for the camera.

The outfit also showcased her collection of body tattoos on her arms, stomach, chest and back.

Danielle – who is involved in burlesque dancing – explained the routine in her caption, noting that she has turned to dancing to aid in her recovery from surgery.

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She wrote: “I was working on movement post surgery and was inspired to do a little fan dance exercise. I uploaded the full video to the sites! Sweet Dreams.”

Fans were shocked by the 47-year-old’s sexy portrayal, with some wondering why this side of her isn’t featured on the History Channel show amid its choppy ratings.

“Why wasn’t that at American Pickers?” asked one person.

“You’re the only reason I’ve ever watched American Pickers…” gushed another.

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“Looking fabulous, hope you’re on the mend,” said a third.


Danielle has been struggling with her health lately and underwent a hysterectomy in October after suffering from painful uterine fibroids.

She later confessed to feeling “exhausted and dejected” as she worked to return to her old self after surgery.

In a Patreon blog post titled “Feeling a bit upside down,” the mother of two spoke about a “down day.”

The American Pickers star began the post by writing, “Things don’t always go as planned so I assume change is inevitable.”

She explained: “It seems like I’m out on my best days. I usually try to keep my body moving and my mind engaged.”

Danielle then wrote: “And then on my bad days I have time to write. Today is a bad day.”

She added, “Not a bad day, but my body definitely feels overworked and underrested.”


Last month, fans worried about Danielle’s well-being after she revealed she fell ill just weeks after her surgery.

In another blog post, she wrote, “Losing weight isn’t bad unless it’s unhealthy. I lost so much weight so quickly that my body didn’t have the strength to continue to heal properly.”

Danielle remained hopeful, adding: “I can finally eat again and couldn’t be happier. On the second day of my new medication I felt a world of difference.”

She then explained how the healing process can be “complicated at times,” though she assured fans she was paying attention to the “signs” to stay on track.

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Fans were delighted that Danielle appeared at the American Pickers season 24 premiere earlier this month alongside her co-hosts Mike Wolfe, 58, and his brother Robbi, 62.

The show has been in jeopardy as ratings have plummeted since former presenter Frank Fritz, 57, was fired in 2021. American Pickers’ Danielle Colby goes nearly naked in a bra and thong in new video, prompting fans to ask, “Why isn’t that on the show?”

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