Among Us Update Adds Hide n Seek Mode

Among Us has released an update that brings Hide n Seek as a new mode with unique mechanics, along with some new features like lobby filters for browsing games and a haunt button that allows dead players to become ghosts who can watch the rest of the game. The Among Us update also includes plenty of new cosmetics purchasable with beans.

InnerSloth struck gold when it released its simplistic asymmetrical multiplayer game in 2018, with Among Us quickly becoming a massive hit and a pioneer of the social deduction genre. Reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing, a handful of players are tasked with working together to restore a ship or base while other players take on the roles of murderous alien imposters who must sabotage the crew’s efforts and kill them off. Over the years, a steady number of updates and events have expanded the game with new maps, interactions, cosmetics, and features.

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The highlight of this update for Among Us is its new Hide n Seek game mode, which twists the game mechanics slightly to create a totally different experience. The crew must complete tasks in order to run down a timer, and the crew will win if they survive until the timer ends. Doing tasks runs down the timer quicker, but makes the crew easier targets. Crew members have a danger meter that shows how close the imposter is, giving them the chance to flee if it’s close. Meanwhile, when the timer is low, the imposter gets a power boost and a directional ping to help them find the helpless hiding crew members.

Hide N seek also has a few unique options to customize the experience, such as “flashlight mode” which will reduce players’ vision to a cone in front of them and the ability to choose who will be the imposter for that round. Additionally, game filters have been added so that players can tag their lobbies as beginner, casual, serious, or expert, which should help when trying to find a suitable lobby for each playstyle. The new “haunt” button also lets dead players spectate in the form of ghosts who can move around the map. Plenty of new cosmetics for Among Us have also arrived with the update, including festive holiday looks and even new pets.

The Hide N Seek game mode seems to be a perfect fit for Among Us VR, although currently, it’s not certain if the VR version of the game will be adding new content any time soon.

Among Us is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: InnerSloth

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