Arena Of Valor Hero Tier List | All Best Heroes Ranked


Arena Of Valor Hero is a MOBA game that is very popular among players. The video game is among the most played and searched on the internet—the most asked query about the best-playing characters of the Arena of Valor tier list. We have compiled the Arena Of Valor Hero Tier List December 2022 | All Best Heroes Ranked to address this query. We suggest keeping checking in because we frequently update our list.

Arena Of Valor Best Heroes Tier List

The S-tier list of heroes contains the best and most famous characters available in the game for you to play that includes characters from all classes, including, Support, Mage, Assassin, Warrior, Tank, and Marksman classes.

The A tier contains a list of strong heroes just slightly below the S tier. B-tier players are good to play. You can use these as an add-on for help. The C tier is a list of average characters that make a huge difference but are good to have on the team.

Tier Hero
S Tier Ryoma
S Tier Riktor
S Tier Zip
S Tier Teemee
S Tier Lorion
S Tier Dirak
S Tier Violet
S Tier Tulen
S Tier Lauriel
A Tier Yorn
A Tier Wonder Woman
A Tier Zata
A Tier Hayate
A Tier Ignis
A Tier Maloch
A Tier Murad
A Tier Nakroth
A Tier Laville
A Tier Paine
A Tier Marja
A Tier Raz
A Tier Krixi
A Tier Quillen
A Tier Kriknak
A Tier Rouie
A Tier Veres
A Tier Yena
A Tier Omen
A Tier Thane
A Tier Xeniel
A Tier Lumburr
A Tier Eland’orr
A Tier Kil’groth
A Tier Florentino
A Tier Natalya
A Tier Wukong
A Tier Mina
A Tier Jinnar
A Tier Grakk
A Tier Gildur
A Tier Lu Bu
A Tier Superman
B Tier Tel’Annas
B Tier Taara
B Tier Slimz
B Tier Preyta
B Tier Fennik
B Tier Butterfly
B Tier Arthur
B Tier Airi
B Tier Cresht
B Tier Chaugnar
B Tier Brunhilda
B Tier Liliana
B Tier Dextra
B Tier Allain
B Tier Qi
B Tier Bright
B Tier Valhein
B Tier Roxie
B Tier Errol
B Tier Rourke
B Tier Moren
B Tier Elsu
B Tier Zill
B Tier Thorne
B Tier Mganga
B Tier Zephys
B Tier The Joker
B Tier Zanis
C Tier Omega
C Tier Khalii
C Tier Ilumia
C Tier Enzo
C Tier D’Arcy
C Tier Azzen’Ka
C Tier Astrid
C Tier Max
C Tier Arduin
C Tier Diaochan
C Tier Skud

Above, we discussed Arena of Valor Hero Tier List December 2022 | All Best Heroes Ranked.

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