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Back Alley Tales is a lewd game that if I had to put into a genre, I feel it would have to be point and click. This is one of those games that at first, I was not super into as I had a really hard time finding my groove with the game. I will say that this game is very, very short so that is something to know going in. However, after a while, I got to grips with it and I think that they have some very interesting ideas here with this game.

Hello John

The plot of the game is actually quite intriguing and what drew me to Back Alley Tales in the first place. We play the role of a security guard whose job is to monitor the security camera. It is the kind of job that would usually be pretty boring, but the security camera we operate is looking over this seedy back alley where ladies bang their clients! It is fun stuff and you get drawn into this voyeuristic role where you watch it all go down!

Pixel Prostitution!

The game uses a pixel art style which is something I have noticed more and more lewd games using. Back Alley Tales does it better than most. The female characters are decent looking enough and there is also a little “internal” camera as well if that is your kind of thing. The whole game has a kind of 90s PC vibe to the way it looks. There are not all that many sex scenes though, but that does tie into the game being short. Also, all of the “johns” in the game are done in this strange silhouette style which is something I am not sure if I like or if I do not, it is certainly quite an interesting choice that is for sure.

Clicking Around In The Dark

Remember before how I said it took me a while to get into Back Alley Tales? The reason for that is the game just pretty much throws you into it. You control the camera and you have to click around hoping to stumble onto the right thing in order to make one of the few sex scenes happen. It has a very confusing UI that is not intuitive at all and I can see many people turning this off after five minutes or so feeling frustrated in the process.

However, once you do get the hang of what you are doing, it is kind of fun. The only thing is, once you do know what you are doing, the game is over before you know it!


In many ways, Back Alley Tales is a game that feels more like a demo than it does an actual full game. From what I understand though this game is “complete” so I do not think there will be any more updates to it. I think that they have a pretty interesting premise here and the art style is certainly done very well. If you can get past the confusing UI and lack of direction in what to do at the start of the game, this can be a fun and naughty experience.


  • I think that the pixel art is done very well
  • The few sex scenes that are here are good
  • It has an internal camera if you like that kind of thing
  • The whole voyeuristic nature of the game is kind of neat


  • The game is very confusing to figure out
  • There is not actually a whole lot to this game

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