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One of the most interesting things about traveling is discovering why things are the way they are today. From hidden secrets to strange phenomena, here are things about the world that may sound absurd at first, but have actually turned out to be true! The United Nations recognizes 193 countries plus two observer states, Palestine and the Vatican (Holy See). Aside from the big players like the United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, Mexico, and Brazil, most of these countries have a population of less than 50 million and are often hard to find on a map.

To make the world a little more accessible and fun, we started by finding an interesting event for these 195 countries/states watched, by population. Armed with this information, you’ll have a huge success at the next office party, if not your first date.

Here is the list of the best interesting facts about the countries

Bolivia, the flattest country in the world

If you hate hills, Bolivia is the place for you. One of the funniest things about the world is that it is the flattest country in the world. It also holds other records, for example, that of the largest salt deposit. The Salar de Uyuni is also home to the largest lithium deposit in the world.

Russia, the largest country in the world

This fun fact is probably common knowledge, but do you know how many countries Russia borders? With no less than 16 countries. Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Japan, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, the United States, Mongolia, and North Korea.

Canada, the largest number of lakes in the world

It’s almost impossible to think of Canada without thinking of the Great Lakes, but one of the 6 fun facts is that there are more lakes in Canada than all the other countries in the world combined. Because they are so large, they are even considered closed seas.

France’s longest land border is in Brazil

Yes, there is a relatively large French territory (overseas department and region) on the South American continent called French Guiana, which borders Brazil. It is the last remaining part of the American continent that still belongs to a European nation. Therefore, it is legally as French as the European mother country, unlike many overseas territories that have special jurisdiction (for example, Puerto Rico, which is neither a US state nor a federal territory).

In the case of French Guiana, there is no such distinction, apart from the obvious geographic one. The inhabitants of French Guiana are full citizens of France. The territory of French Guiana is entirely part of France. Therefore, being entirely part of France, this region’s border with Brazil (730 km) means that France’s longest border is there and not in Europe.

Snow in the Sahara desert

Deserts are known for having very little precipitation. And if precipitation is already rare, shouldn’t snowfall be even rarer? Well, in 2018 the impossible happened and the Sahara desert was covered in a blanket of white snow. However, the snow lasted only a day before melting under the scorching sun.

The first recorded snowfall dates back to 1979, a blizzard that lasted half an hour. Although temperatures drop to below freezing at night, the lack of humidity makes it almost impossible to produce snow. But who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to see it on your next trip to the Sahara!

The oldest autocephalous Orthodox church in Europe

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church has been an autonomous Orthodox Church since 879. In 927, the Patriarchate of Constantinople recognized the self-governing status of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and recognized its patriarchal dignity. The Bulgarian Patriarchate predates the Russian Orthodox Church by 662 years and the Serbian Orthodox Church by 292 years.

There are only two countries left in the world where Coca-Cola does not exist.

There are only two countries left in the world where Coca-Cola cannot be bought or sold, at least not officially. They are Cuba and North Korea, both under a long-term US trade embargo (Cuba since 1962 and North Korea since 1950). Cuba was one of the first three non-US countries to bottle coca in 1906.

However, the business was abandoned when Fidel Castro’s government began confiscating private property in the 1960s and he never returned.

The oldest country in the world is in Europe

Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe and the only country that has not changed its name since its founding. In the 7th century AD, the Proto-Bulgars under the leadership of Khan Asparuh crossed the Danube and founded their own state south of the Danube in 681.

The First Bulgarian Empire reached its cultural and territorial apogee in the early 10th century. It exerted great influence on European nations through its unique literary schools and literature.

India gave the world a sweet tooth

The Indians have a clear fondness for sweets. If someone told him otherwise, he was either lying or very wrong. And can you really blame us for being influenced by sweets? Look around you, each state, each region has its own form of candy, its own deserts embedded in its rich history and tradition, a testament to its culture.

But even though most of us live in some part of the country, we are often denied the knowledge and privilege of treating our taste buds to these delicacies.

The most recognizable flags of any country in the world are those of the United States

The Stars and Stripes are one of the most recognizable flags in the world. But did you know that the modern version with 50 stars was designed in 1958 by an enterprising high school student for a class project? Did the teenager even anticipate the addition of Alaska and Hawaii a year later?

Indonesia is the largest island nation in the world

Indonesia is the fourteenth largest country in the world, with an area of ​​approximately 1.9 million km2. It is the largest island nation on the continent and extends into Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia includes more than 17,000 islands, of which the United Nations recognizes 16,056. However, only about 6,000 islands are inhabited. These islands stretch 1,760 km from north to south and 5,120 km from west to east.

Sumatra is the largest island in Indonesia and the sixth largest island in the world with an area of ​​443,066 km2. Other major islands in the country are Java, Kalimantan (part of Borneo, Indonesia), Sulawesi, and West New Guinea (part of Indonesia, New Guinea).

Russia found a seed in the Siberian permafrost

The Russian team first tried to use ripe seeds from the pods of the fruits. However, these seeds failed to form a plant. The team then analyzed placental tissue from immature seeds. Using cloning technology, 36 plants were grown from the old material.

They resembled the modern Silene stenophylla which was still growing in the area at the time of flowering, but the petals were more distant than in the modern version. In
terestingly, the ancient plants produced seeds that produced new plants 100% of the time, a better percentage than the modern variety. These 32,000-year-old plants could hold the key to unlocking more permafrost mysteries.

Macchu Pichu is an earthquake-proof city

This ancient Inca city sits on top of two fault lines in Peru. This means that the earthquakes were part of the expected events. So how did they live? The Incas developed an ingenious construction technique they called “white masonry,” in which stones were cut to fit perfectly without mortar. This allowed the stones to move during an earthquake before returning to their original position.

In Thailand there is a festival in honor of monkeys

Every last Sunday of November, the monkeys are celebrated in Lopburi with a Monkey Buffet Festival. According to Sanskrit folklore, a heroic monkey helped Prince Rama rescue his bride-to-be from the clutches of a ten-headed demon. At Phra Prang Sam Yot, the monkeys eat 4,000 kilos of Thai fruits, vegetables and desserts: what a variety!

Locals also dress up as monkeys and perform for their esteemed guests as they consume their royal feast. This event is open to the public, but visitors should be warned: the monkeys can become aggressive and steal anything within their reach!

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