Best Satellite Finders in 2023: top picks for you

When installing a satellite dish, the best satellite finder is a tool used to locate broadcast satellites. This eliminates the need to place the satellite dish at the correct angle and position through trial and error. Finding the right model and being certain of the particular requirements is critical because the price of a satellite finder can vary widely.

A satellite dish requires precise placement in order to receive a signal, as opposed to a television aerial, which only has to be in the vicinity of a broadcast tower. Anyone who has unintentionally bumped a dish with a tree branch knows that it won’t be able to receive a strong signal if it is even slightly out of place. The precise positioning for a dish relies on where it is located because a satellite can reach an entire country as opposed to the limited area served by a broadcast tower.

A satellite finder aids in identifying the two crucial parameters that show how a satellite connects to a certain area. The angle at which the satellite orbits the earth is called the azimuth angle. This angle does not refer to one’s own position, but rather to the equator. The second measurement is the elevation, which is the angle formed by the satellite and a hypothetical line drawn from a position to the horizon on the ground. Below we have mentioned some of the best Satellite Finders.

Here is the List of Best Satellite Finders

Skywalker Signature Series Satellite Finder

The C-band, Ku-band, and even digital satellites are simple to tune with the SKY24019 Analog Satellite Finder with Tone. How simple it is to properly line your dish so that you may transmit the strongest signal to your receiver will astound you. Ensure that you receive the best image while saving money on pricey repair calls. It has a high sensitive audio tone function, is small enough to fit in your pocket, and is a cheap and simple solution to orient a satellite dish. The device has a metre and a tone that alters in pitch as the signal strength increases. Finally, the satellite receiver is used to power it directly.


The meter offers all functions required for installation and verification of digital Satellite TV service, antenna signal, and cable signal to residential homes or multi-dwelling units with its small size, light weight, intuitive user’s interface, long battery operational hours, and rich feature set. The WS-6980 currently only supports 1080P and not 4K. High definition TFT LCD screen (7 inches, 1024 x 600 pixels). Completely MPEG-2/MPEG-4 H.264 hardware decoding compliant with DVB.

Supports Constellation analyzer, Auto, Manual, and NIT (DVB-S/S2) scans as well as blind (DVB-S/S2/C) and blind (DVB-S/S2/C) scans. supports the identification of numerous CH/TPs and the alarm for the locking signal. Supports stereo speaker pairs, DISEQC 1.0/1.1/1.2, 0/22khz tone, AV in and out, HDMI in and out, and AV in; supports the output of DC12V.


The newly upgraded golden version of the V8 satellite finder supports DVB-S / S2 / S2X signal measurement, H.264 multi-standard demodulation and decoding. The V8 satellite finder has a 3.5-inch LCD color screen and a 16-bit OSD with anti-flicker function. It can watch satellite channels in real time and view the channel list list.

It is easier and more intuitive to view satellite signals and quickly configure satellite antennas. V8 satellite finder meter can work normally for up to 4 hours. Support indicator lights display. Blinking red means charging, and steady green means it is fully charged. Support LNB short-circuit protection, safe and secure to use.


V8 Satellite Finder Meter support measurements of DVB-S/S2/S2X signals, H.265 hardware decoding. Support for DiSEqC1.0/1.1/1.2/USALSand 22kHz Tone. LNB short-circuit protection. V8 Satellite Finder have 3.5-inch LCD color screen, 16-bit OSD with anti-flicker function.

It is a useful TV Antenna Outdoor Signal Detector for beginners and suitable for the adjustment and installation of dish. Some satellites have been added to the machine, and users can also add many favorite satellites by themselves. With this finder, you can set and align a satellite dish quickly, easily and accurately.


A digital meter can be used to gauge the wireless signal’s strength and quality. is equipped with an 800 mAh Li-Ion battery. an alarm with lighting and sound that is used to lock a door. The AZ and EL angles are automatically determined. There is support for the DISEQC 1 standard. It’s a 1/1. It is at 1 kHz/22 kHz. You can integrate the beep. An advantageous feature is an LNB short protect. The mechanical compass needs to be held in place. It can be updated using a USB port, making it portable.

Lazmin Satellite Finder Satellite Signal Meter

Connect and play The digital satellite meter is easy for clients to use and has an integrated menu system. a number of channel editing features (bookmark, move, lock, skip, delete, rename, find, sort). many language assistance. Microprocessor controller included; dependable and stable performance.

includes 6000 configurable TV and radio channels and supports network channel search as well as automatic and manual searches. It completely complies with the MPEG-2 and MPEG4 standards and is appropriate for digital instruments with good signal strength. You may quickly, conveniently, and properly set up and position satellite dishes with this viewfinder, and you can take advantage of the free satellite channels.

fosa Digital Satellite Finder

This digital satellite finder m
ay be used at night thanks to its blue lighting. The signal measurement gadget does not require complex programming or calibration. The accuracy of this professional digital satellite finder is far superior to that of any other measurement tool in its category.

To gauge the strength of the satellite signal, use the LCD display. Built-in buzzer, damping control, and signal alert buzzer. The signal measurement equipment doesn’t need to be complicatedly calibrated or programmed. Built-in buzzer, damping control, and signal alert buzzer.


A satellite finder, as the name implies, is a portable gadget used to discover or tune television satellites. It is often referred to as a dish pointer or satellite director. When trying to improve your dish signal, satellite finders might be quite useful.

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