Best Way to Farm Easter Eggs in Pet Simulator X 2023 (February)

A brand new Easter Update has arrived in Pet Simulator X. The main mechanic of this event is to hunt down different eggs scattered across each world.

These Easter eggs will be unobtainable once the event ends, so if you want to collect all of those new pets then now is your only chance! (outside of trading them).

There are four different kinds of Easter eggs to find in the event:

Blue Egg (Common)
Purple Egg (Rare)
Green Egg (Epic)
Yellow Egg (Legendary)

They can spawn in every biome.

Legendary Easter Egg

Only one Legendary egg can spawn at a time in a single server. When it spawns, it will be announced in server chat.

Legendary Easter Eggs have a chance to contain an Exclusive Huge Easter Cat pet.

Best Way to Farm Easter Eggs in Pet Simulator X?

Go to the VIP Zone in Trading Plaza and break diamonds to make lots of Easter Eggs spawn. This requires both the Trading Plaza and VIP to be unlocked.

If you don’t have those requirements, the Fantasy World has the most Easter Egg spawn points.

Pet Simulator X

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