Best way to organize your spells in Hogwarts Legacy

With so many spells to utilize in your adventure and battles around Hogwarts, it can be a bit difficult to figure out which ones you should have slotted and the best way to organize them, so they are easily accessible. If you don’t already, you’ll definitely want to get those Talent upgrades for more spell slots, and here’s a quick guide on the best way to organize them according to what worked well in our own experience.

Best spells to equip in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you upgrade your Spell Knowledge, you’ll have four spell sets available. This allows for easy organization and quick access to more spells without having to go in and out of your spellbook. What worked best in my own experience is having two sets specifically for utility-based activities, such as customization in the Room of Requirement, and ones that are more likely to be used for puzzles around the castle. That leaves the other two sets with plenty of space for battling spells. I also preferred placing them diagonally to each other, such as utilities in the left and bottom and battle in the top and right, which made it easier for me to switch more quickly to the set I needed. Here’s how you can split them up:

Puzzle & Utility Spells

It’s a good idea to have one set specifically for spells used for puzzles and field guide objects around the castle and grounds. Since there are so many puzzles to complete, this will give you quick access to your necessary abilities and make it easier to solve them or grab onto a flying page without hesitation. I chose to fill in the slots with these spells:

  • Lumos: Y/Triangle
  • Disillusionment: X/Square
  • Levioso: B/Circle
  • Accio: A/X

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Room of Requirement Spells

Another nice set to have prepared is a set for Room of Requirement customization. While you might not need them all the time, with four sets available, it’s nice to have this one ready for when you do head back to your room and need to place or change an object. I added Lumos into the mix of Transfiguration spells just because it’s handy to have, but you can substitute any other that you prefer. Here’s how I laid this set out:

  • Altering: X/Square
  • Conjuring: A/X
  • Evanesco: B/Circle
  • Lumos: Y/Triangle

Battle Spells

For the battle spells, you’ll quickly learn, once you do the Rackham Trials, that you’ll want at least one of each type of spell available. You can differentiate the various types by their color. Yellow spells are suited to stunning enemies, purple to pulling or knocking them away, and your red and green curses are for dealing damage. Since there are more damage spells than anything else, it’s good to have two of those in each set and have at least one stun and one knocking spell available. This is how I set up my first battle set:

  • Accio: X/Square
  • Galcius: Y/Triangle
  • Confringo: B/Circle
  • Incendio: A/X

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My second battle set looks fairly similar with the same type of setup, one stun, one knocking, and two damage spells. This is what it looks like:

  • Depulso: X/Square
  • Arresto Momentum: Y/Triangle
  • Expelliarmus: B/Circle
  • Diffindo: A/X

As you unlock new spells, you can replace each type to your liking, such as perhaps an unforgivable curse in place of one of your damage spells. The order you place them is not as important as the variety you have in each set. While battling, you’ll want an appropriate array of spells that allows you to combo successfully and not get stuck waiting for cooldowns. It will all come down to trial and error. If something doesn’t work out, mix it up and try again until you have a smooth experience through and through.

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