Blox Fruits best fruits tier list (January 2023)

January 1, 2022: We added the Blox Fruits V4 update release date.

Looking for the Blox Fruits best fruits tier list? This pirate-adventure game is based on the iconic One Piece franchise, and like many other Roblox games, it uses its concept of Devil Fruits to empower its many players. But some are better than others.


You can search for what are considered the Blox Fruits best fruits while exploring the world or purchase them using Beli and Robux from your friendly neighbourhood fruit vendor. But what are the Blox Fruits best fruits?

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Blox Fruits best fruits tier list (January 2023) – What is the best fruit in Blox Fruits?

Tier Fruit
S Soul, Shadow, Dough, Light, Rumble, Quake, Dragon, Dark, Venom
A Phoenix, Magma, Flame, Buddha, Diamond, String, Falcon, Leopard
B Revive, Barrier, Rubber, Gravity, Control, Door
C Sand, Chop, Smoke, Spring, Kilo, Spin, Love, Ice, Paw
D Bomb, Spike

The table above represents the best and worst Blox Fruits in the game right now. It’s a long list, and some are clearly worth picking up over others. Shadow is the latest to make it to the top tier, with the just as new Revive Blox Fruit falling just a few tiers below.

What are Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits (or devil fruits as they are also known) are in-game items that grant you powerful abilities. They’re the core modifier for fights, making for custom playstyles and strategies. There are three categories of devil fruit:


  • Paramecia – This natural fruit is the most common kind and usually doesn’t have a passive ability
  • Zoan – This beast fruit lets you transform into another creature
  • Logia – This fruit allows its user to harness elemental abilities

Each of these categories contains a number of different fruits that players can use.

Every Devil Fruit in Blox Fruits

Here is every Devil Fruit in Blox Fruits, along with its cost in both Beli and Robux:

Paramecia Fruits

Fruit Price (Beli) Price (Robux)
Bomb $5,000 $50
Spike $7,500 $75
Chop $30,000 $100
Spring $60,000 $180
Kilo $80,000 $220
Spin $180,000 $380
Diamond $600,000 $1,000
Love $700,000 $1,150
Rubber $750,000 $1,200
Barrier $800,000 $1,250
Door $950,000 $1,400
Quake $1,000,000 $1,500
String $1,500,000 $1,800
Paw $2,300,000 $2,200
Gravity $2,500,000 $2,300
Dough $2,800,000 $2,400
Venom $3,000,000 $2,450
Control $3,200,000 $2,500
Revive 550,000 $975
Shadow 2,900,000 $2,425
Soul 3,400,000 $2,550

Zoan Fruits


Logia Fruits

More fruits are added with each major Blox Fruits update. They don’t come often, though, so don’t expect this list to change too frequently.

What is the new Blox Fruits fruit?

Blox Fruits Update 17 part 3 isn’t set to drop a new fruit to the game, but it will add awakened version of Dough – one of the strongest of the lot.


How do I awaken Dough Blox Fruit?

To awaken the Dough Blox Fruit, you first need to talk to the NPC on New Chocolate Island. Complete their quest by defeating NPCs on the island and looting ten Cocoa and a God Chalice. From that, you’ll get the Candy Chalice.

Go through the process of spawning Cake Prince (Katakuri) while holding the Chalice. Once you defeat him, you’ll get a key to open the door to the Cake Scientist, who’ll help you awaken Dough Blox Fruit.

When is the Blox Fruits V4 Race Awakenings release date?

As per the video desciption, the Blox Fruits V4 update, which Race Awakenings like Shark and Angel, is set to arrive on the evening of January 6, 2023. That’s using US time, but we’re not sure which coast.

How do I get the Leopard Blox Fruit?

Right now, your best bet with getting the new Leopard Blox Fruit seems to be buying it from the Blox Fruit dealer. It’ll most likely be sold out, but get lucky and you’ll find it there.


How do I get fruits in Blox Fruits?

There are multiple ways to get Blox Fruits, but the best method is from the Blox Fruit Merchant, who appears in the game’s starting area and sells the fruits for Beli and Robux. The dealer’s stock changes every four hours, so you may have to keep checking back for your preferred fruit.

You can also pay Beli to the Blox Fruit Merchant’s cousin for a random fruit depending on your level, or raid the Castle in the Sea. The final method is to find Blox Fruits out in the world, as they spawn every 45 minutes. If you explore and search under trees and plants, you should be able to find one.

And that’s our Blox Fruits best fruits tier list. If you’re looking for some Roblox game freebies, we have lists for All Star Tower Defence codes, Shindo Life codes, Anime Fighting Simulator codes, and many more.

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