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Ok, so clearly for many people Bratz: Forever Diamondz for the Game Boy Advance is not exactly what you would call a “greatest game of all time. However, for kids that are fans of Bratz what we have here is a fairly decent and unoffensive tie in-game that they can have some fun with on the go.

America Rocks

The story of the game for most people unless you are a tween girl will make no sense and be a bit meh. Yet, if you are into this thing, I am sure the story that is on offer here is pretty fun. The game has a lot of text and it is pretty well written and sure to make fans of the Bratz smile. I am not sure what this story is from, but I can tell you that Bratz: Forever Diamondz is based around something called The America Rocks Fashion Show which appears to be a big deal.

So Much Bling

At the time this was released THQ were pumping out Bratz games at a crazy rate and this is one of the last if not the last to grace the Game Boy Advance. The presentation is not bad at all. The game has many different graphical styles, but the majority of the game is played from an isometric point of view and the characters all look decent enough.

So Much For A Brazt Kid To Do!

The gameplay of Bratz: Forever Diamondz is rather clever in that while it does not do anyone one thing amazingly well. It has plenty of little things for players to do which actually prevents the game from getting boring. Most of the game is you controlling one of the four Bratz girls as you go around, talking to people and moving the story along. Thanks to the rather witty writing this is way better than you would think.

Then you have many different styles of mini-games to do. These range from driving, dancing, skating and more. These are very, very easy, but they are short, fun and a nice distraction. You can buy many different things in the game, most notably outfits which is what I think fans of Bratz will really enjoy.

The gameplay is not exactly challenging, but they are going for a certain kind of audience here and I am not sure that audience would have wanted a Bratz game that was super hard.


It would be so easy for me to just dump all over what Bratz: Forever Diamondz on the Game Boy Advance is offering. However, I cannot do that. While this may not exactly be my cup of tea, I must admit that this for a licensed game is pretty decent. From what I can tell it managed to capture what makes Bratz so popular and they keep things fresh by having many different styles of gameplay. If you are a fan of Bratz then you can easily add another whole point to my score as you will probably get a lot out of this.


  • You can play as four characters
  • The presentation is easy on the eyes
  • There are many different gameplay styles here
  • You can get new things for the characters
  • The story is funny and well written


  • You have to be a fan of the Bratz girls to get the most out of it
  • The game is very, very easy

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