Brittany Mahomes slams online trolls as NFL star Patrick’s wife hits back at vile ‘kill yourself’ messages

BRITTANY MAHOMES has blasted internet trolls after they were hit by more heinous online abuse.

NFL superstar Patrick’s wife, 26, has spoken out after receiving “extremely hurtful” messages on social media.

High school sweethearts Brittany and Mahomes wed in a lavish Hawaiian ceremony earlier this year.

And the couple recently announced they are expecting their second child, having welcomed daughter Sterling in February 2021.

Brittany has previously spoken out about abuse she has received via social media.

And in an Instagram story, she revealed how she was sent a message that was too “inappropriate” to ignore.

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The message read: “If I’m stuck w[sic] I would kill this woman for life”.

Brittany flagged the post and censored the sender, writing: “Making comments like this is very, very concerning but also highly inappropriate.

“’Killing yourself’ is not a term you just throw around.

“Actually, it’s a very serious matter. People often dwell on these thoughts.

“And it can be VERY TRIGGERING for some people.

“The culture and society in today’s world can be extremely hurtful.

“Please be aware when you say things like this and know that if they even read or see those words, it can affect a lot of people. Let’s be better.”

Mahomes was forced to defend his then-fiancée after an awkward video of the couple went viral in February.

The pair were shown televised during a break in play at a basketball game, with the pair exchanging words before Brittany made a series of sarcastic faces at the person sitting to her left.

The overwhelmingly negative tone of the news clearly had an impact on Mahomes, who is defending his wife.

He tweeted, “Man people are weird…love you baby.”

Brittany was also targeted by trolls after a video showed her spraying champagne on ice-cold Kansas City fans.

In response, she started a t-shirt campaign to raise money for Red Card KC, a local anti-bullying charity. Brittany Mahomes slams online trolls as NFL star Patrick’s wife hits back at vile ‘kill yourself’ messages

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