Can You Turn off the White Border/Outline on Objects and Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered

The Harry Potter series has a new game being added to its lineup, known as Hogwarts Legacy. This game is chock full of easter eggs and details fans will love. Those who are in love with the incredibly popular Harry Potter franchise will be pleased to hear that a lot of things from the source books and movies have been added into the game as well. Despite going through years of development and some setbacks, it appears that this game is finally ready, and has received lots of love from developers over the last few years. Wizarding school students at Hogwarts will take on challenges and quests inside the Hogwarts castle and the Wizarding World beyond it. They can learn spells along the way and increase their magical prowess as they go.

One feature in the game has the potential to be annoying for some players. That is, the white outline that shows the player an enemy or object in the game. Some gamers have suggested a fix changing the outline to a dot, like Elden Ring and other games have. However, for now there have been no patches to the game that we know of that add an option like this.

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Can You Turn Off the White Outline in Hogwarts Legacy?

Although this feature may seem annoying, it appears that developers have a solution to the problem. Wait for it…turning the outline off! That’s right, there was an official message from Warner Bros. themselves due to the amount of questions being asked online. Luckily, there is a way to toggle the outline away if players do not find it useful. Also, hit points are able to be turned off if they become an annoyance to gamers too, which is helpful to know for those who were worried about cluttered screens during combat.

We hope that you found this answer helpful in your quest for Hogwarts Legacy knowledge. If you find yourself wanting to learn even more about this exhilarating videogame, read about whether Hogwarts Legacy is an MMO or check out an explanation on why you start as a 5th year. Gamer Journalist also has a Facebook page that you can look at, so head on over and send us some feedback!

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