Chilling AI creates the ‘ultimate catfish’ with hyper-realistic images… but can you spot the frightening clues?

THIS photo could have been taken at any glitzy red carpet event or exclusive nightclub – but not all is as it seems.

The image showing three blonde women with their arms around each other has caused quite a stir on social media.

At first glance, the picture seems perfectly normal – but they are actually the ultimate catfish.

The women all appear to be posing for a photographer as they pout while wearing short dresses.

But if you take a closer look, some eerie features begin to stand out and make you feel uncomfortable.

The woman on the left has one too many fingers – and her ring finger and thumb appear to blend into her black dress.

Something is very wrong with this picture from a party - can you tell what?
Something is very wrong with these 8 people's faces - can you tell what?

Meanwhile, the woman on the left also has one too many fingers – and the toes visible in her heels are the wrong shape.

The women in the middle also appears to have oddly angled and shaped feet – and by her left arm seems to be some randomly sprouting fingers.

The reason for these small but eerie and bizarre discrepancies?

None of these women exist – making them the ultimate catfish and sending a worrying message about the power of the tech.

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All of them are 100 per cent AI-generated, created by software digesting gigabytes and gigabytes of real pictures, before creating its own versions.

Deepfake technology can create spookily accurate versions of real people, but some of the more intricate details seem to always go slightly wrong.

It is believed that the image was created through the AI image-generating program Stable Diffusion, a German-based deep-learning text-to-image model.

Launched last year by startup Stability AI, it didn’t take long for the internet to wield this technology and create images of women, many of which are inappropriate.

Communities across sites such as Reddit and 4chan have generated and shared realistic images of nude or semi-naked characters.

Reddit was quick to shut down many of the subreddits dedicated to AI porn, but others have moved in to fill the void.

The largest by far is the Discord Unstable Diffusion, whose operators are building a business around AI systems aiming to generate pornographic images.

Although a bit of harmless fun for many, there have been warnings about the dangers posed by such technology when it comes to creating images which people can’t tell apart from the real thing.

It also allows for the possibility of generating fake “revenge porn” by superimposing the faces and features of real-life humans onto AI-generated models.

But for now, the technology, still in its infancy, has a number of teething problems, which can result in sometimes hilarious – or creepy – mistakes.

In another image believed to have been created using Stable Diffusion or another similar program, a female model appears to be real, but she has far too many teeth to be a human.

It has become a running joke that AI art tools struggle to create realistic hands and feet.

While the exact reason for this isn’t known, the most likely explanation is that hands are hard enough for humans to draw, with a number of different variables.

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The AI is still learning and improving all the time, which means it may not be long before it is able to iron out such kinks.

Until then, such eerie images as these will continue to show the terrifying possibilities and hilarious limitations of this technology.

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