Clicker Simulator Value List 2023 (460M Update) Best Pets

This is a Clicker Simulator value list for each pet currently in the game. It has been created by the community and will be updated regularly.

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Clicker Simulator is a Roblox game where the goal is to collect pets by hatching eggs. These special eggs can be purchased with a currency that is earned via clicking on the screen (there’s also an auto-clicking feature).

Pets themselves have an effect on how many clicks you can generate, and as you gain more powerful ones, your clicks per second will also increase.

There are many different islands to unlock in Clicker Simulator, each with its own unique egg and pets.

You can also trade pets in the game, and trading is a huge part of the game. There are also leaderboards to show off your stats!

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What is the most valuable pet in Clicker Simulator?

The most valuable and rarest pet in Clicker Simulator is the Top #1 Reward. This was the reward for finishing 1st in the original leaderboard event. There is only one of them in the entire game.

Clicker Simulator Value List

Updated September 22, 2022
Added new 460M pets

This is the main value list. You can filter between pet rarity, and also current demand. Values are based on in-game Tokens that are mainly acquired via Robux.

O/C = Owner’s Choice, not enough supply so the owner can decide on the price.

New pets:

  • 460M Autumn Eruption (Limited Secret)
  • 460M Fall Treebear (Limited Legendary/Divine)
  • 460M Back2School Trophy (Limited Legendary/Divine)

If you notice a pet missing in the Clicker Simulator value list, please let us know in the comments down below! Only rare pets though. Most of the random normal pets have no value.

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