Code of Honor: The French Foreign Legion Download

By Now You’re probably -aware that if you see a game published by City Interactive you should probably avoid it. Avoid it as you would death itself.

Code of Honor is a basic FPS from the budget Polish publisher, that throws you into the French special forces, and asks you to kill people in a bug-ridden anti-paradise.

On the first play through, saved games don’t load in some areas, and restarting the level causes you to spawn back at the start, unable to move. Hardly ideal. When it works, “intelligent” isn’t really the way to describe the enemy -they shoot at walls, stare vacantly into the distance and even blow up their own vehicles in incidents of cross fire that I don’t even remember being involved in.

This is a budget game, so I can forgive the graphics looking older than ha’pennies rusting behind a nan’s sofa. But there’s no forgiveness for game-obstructing visuals: the iron sight on your default weapon is a big grey blob that could obscure a double-decker bus from 10 metres.

The level of professionalism in this game can be summed up by the fact they haven’t even bothered to translate all the text. Even with the low price tag, that fiver could be put to better use -such as folding it to make the Queen look like she’s smiling.

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