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Happy Thanksgiving, to those of you who live in the USofA … to all indigenous peoples, my apologies, BUTmy excuse is: all of my
ancestors lived in Scandinavia until the 1920s. Then again … Vikings have a lot to answer for, when you think about it. :unsure: I choose not
think about it, have an ale instead,and wish you all better times instead. (y)
This was a request from a newer member, who requested the Chinese subbed version of “Dance” … BUT, you guys should know how I
operate by now, so I went in, increased some scenes … eliminated a lot of the “blacked-out” scences, then tweaked the sound a wee-
bit. Not 100% satisfied, but it should suffice. I loaded to MEGA (with enc. key) … I KNOW some of you won’t be happy about it, but I
know most of the leaks are coming from Pixeldrain. Maybe I shoudn’t care; but I do. Still, I watch the group, so if there are enough
complaints, I will load to PixelDrain. :unsure:
I welcome any and all suggestions as to my imagined dilemma. :eek:
MEGA: https://mega.nz/file/wehWVLpb

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