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Don’t blame MEGA on the links being pulled. I put and expiration date when I first started posting here, so the fault probably is on me.
I’ll re-release the old links (the original upgrades) here on MEGA, all pre-VAM. I just don’t want to leave the links open ended. How about
I extend them to February 28.2023? Also: if any of my links are expired, point them out to me … I’ll be happy to re-post! (y)
MEGA: [D13] Housewife Episode 1-16
KEY: 2B2ucxA-HndkRpdFBNubXw
MEGA: [D13] Everything Else
KEY: YkQDuTejuGBxJ8r_WosTZw
MEGA: [D13] Exchange Student & Grandfather
MEGA: {D13} Photoshoot 1-4 (separate)
KEY: aFlfFZ8jTt1pZS52rqeagQ
MEGA: [D13] School Fellow (upgrade)
KEY: aFYk6Sp05_3_4GIk9mr6FA

PS I will upload to Pixeldrain, then post these again. Apparently, I wasn’t using it “back” then …
Some of these files are LARGE … so be patient and give me time, please.

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