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  • GarageBand For Android: 10 Music Editing Apps Like GarageBand in 2022

    GarageBand is a great tool for editing music originally created for mac, and the entire iOS ecosystem. Since its launch in 2004, the app became the preferred solution for people who want to make or edit music on the go. However, the GarageBand is not free to use, and it does not have an Andriod … Read more

  • 12 Best Free Video Editing Apps For Android (2022)

    There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of video editing apps available for Android and iOS on the internet today and if you’re like most of the beautiful people reading this post every month, you’re looking for the best of the best video editing apps for your device. A little back story, there was … Read more

  • 8 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android in 2022

    Using the stock lock screen app can be tedious and monotonous often lacking pizzazz and many customization options Hence, we understand why you’re looking to install one of the best lock screen apps for android out there to even further style your phone, that is one of the benefits of Android anyway, the ability to … Read more

  • 11 Best Tower Defense Games For Android In 2022

    Tower Defense games are thrilling games that are very captivating. These games involve strategic moves to battle with your enemies, in order to defend the tower. Travelling according to the map directions, encountering various obstacles, and getting different rewards, makes these games challenging. Unlike gacha games which have a lot of actions and shooting, tower …

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  • Best Gaming Laptops under $1200 of 2021

    Gaming laptops really have developed over the ages, and today, you can get them at an average price of over $2,000. In this article, we discuss some of the options priced under $1200. Although we now see a lot of exciting features in gaming laptops, the prices for these devices have shot up. Someone looking …

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  • How to Play Among Us With Discord

    Among Us is an extremely famous game that got released back in 2018. You must have at least heard about this game by now as it is all over the internet. Among Us is a very interesting and fun game that is enjoyed together with other people online, or you can also play it locally …

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  • BEBEN X8 Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds Review

    If you go to Amazon looking for budget earbuds under $50 to buy, as many results pop up like the Treblab xfit earbuds, you should find the BEBEN X8 Bluetooth earbuds among the list as well unless its not available at the time but as at the time of writing this post, it’s live and …

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  • Boltune BT-BH024 Wireless Earbuds Review: Great Budget Earbuds

    Looking to a new pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds on a budget? This Boltune BT-BH024 wireless earbuds review could actually come in handy. In a time where the market is saturated with insanely overpriced earbuds from big players ranging from $150 upwards, seemingly making entry-level earbuds look like a joke, yes those are premium gadgets …

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  • The Top 10 8GB RAM Smartphones List

    Given the numerous tasks that our mobile phones perform, owning an 8GB RAM smartphone has become a norm. We have access to more sophisticated android apps that help us stay connected to friends around the world, increase productivity, create high definition videos on our phones, etc. Hence, having a good android smartphone with the RAM …

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