Dungeon Hunter Champions (DHC) Tier List 2023 (Best Characters)

Dungeon Hunter Champions (DHC) is an online action role playing game which was released in the year 2018. There are many fighter characters available in the game and every fighter comes with unique skills and play style. You can make a team of characters to battle against the enemies. Eliminate all the enemies and their bosses. You will earn new player gears after killing the monster bosses. You can also start a five versus five battle in the Dungeon Hunter Champions (DHC) game.

This battle can be played with your friends or other players sitting all over the world. On winning the battles, you will earn many bonuses as rewards and you can place yourself on the game leaderboard. Dungeon Hunter Champions (DHC) is a very interesting action role playing game that is available to play on the computer systems and mobile phones and to play the game on mobile phones you can download it for free from the Google play store and Apple app store.

The monsters of the Dungeon Hunter Champions game are categorized in six categories.

The most highlighted monsters in group S are Boon Sister (light) and Crow Hag (light). Boon Sister got the healing powers and Crow Hag is really damaging. The leading monsters in group A are Boon Sister (water) and Crow Hag (dark) . Boon Sister is a very good healer and Crow Hag (dark) is good in debuffing.

The most prominent monsters in group B are Basilisk (water) and Boon Sister (fire). Basilisk (water) is a tank and Boon Sister is the best for player versus player mode. The main monsters in group C are Astromancer and Basilisk. The element of Astromancer is Light and Basilisk is Dark. Some monsters in group D are Basilisk and Dryad. Their element is fire and light respectively. The highlighted monsters in group E are Derby Girl and Spearman. They are not recommended.

Tier S

Monster Element Tier
Boon Sister Light S
Crow Hag Light S

Tier A

Monster Element Tier
Boon Sister Water A
Crow Hag Dark A
Derby Girl Dark A
Fox Assassin Fire A
Skand Berserker Water A
Time Keeper Water A

Tier B

Monster Element Tier
Basilisk Water B
Boon Sister Fire B
Candy Munchkin Forest B
Crow Hag Water B
Crow Hag Forest B
Dragon Guard Forest B
Dragon Guard Dark B
Fox Assassin Dark B
Mercenary Fire B
Mercenary Dark B
Ranger Forest B
Ranger Dark B
Shark Water B
Shark Light B
Skand Berserker Fire B
Skand Berserker Light B
Skand Berserker Dark B
Valkyrie Water B
Valkyrie Forest B

Tier C

Monster Element Tier
Astromancer Light C
Basilisk Dark C
Boon Sister Forest C
Boon Sister Dark C
Bounty Hunter Light C
Candy Munchkin Dark C
Crow Hag Fire C
Derby Girl Fire C
Derby Girl Water C
Derby Girl Light C
Dragon Guard Fire C
Dryad Dark C
Fairy Light C
Fox Assassin Water C
Fox Assassin Light C
Golem Forest C
Golem Light C
Golem Dark C
Mercenary Water C
Mercenary Light C
Ranger Water C
Ranger Light C
Sentinel Water C
Skand Berserker Forest C
Time Keeper Forest C
Valkyrie Fire C
Valkyrie Light C

Tier D

Monster Element Tier
Basilisk Fire D
Dryad Light D
Fairy Fire D
Fairy Water D
Fox Assassin Forest D
Mercenary Forest D
Ranger Fire D
Sentinel Fire D
Sentinel Light D
Shark Dark D
Tiki Warrior Water D
Valkyrie Dark D

Tier E

Monster Element Tier
Astromancer Forest E
Bounty Hunter Fire E
Bounty Hunter Water E
Bounty Hunter Forest E
Bounty Hunter Dark E
Derby Girl Forest E
Dryad Forest E
Spearman Forest E
Spearman Dark E
Tiki Warrior Fire E

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