EG Series – Aphrodisiac Effect Pinkie Pie! by charlieXe on DeviantArt

The images have been sent. Subject 06: Pinkie Pie has been placed under containment!. Pinkie is an extremely dangerous girl! She has an impressive desire to sin and keeps saying the name of the malevolent Dr. Evil MC :O.. The agent in charge of sending these photos has been placed under containment to analyze what is happening to him: apparently he cannot stop having nosebleeds! His face expresses a happiness never seen before… what kind of monster is Pinkie Pie! The background of this image may contain some clues as to what happened here. Our next mission is to look for Rainbow Dash… we still don’t know if she already fell prey to that potion.”This image speaks for itself, it was Pinkie’s turn with her special design like the rest of the girls! A “messy” background was perfect for this drawing, so it really was easy for me to work within the context of this drawing of Pinkie. However, remember that Dashie is still missing!! What will happen to her?! :O
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