EG Series – Fluttershy Eyes on Shyness! by charlieXe on DeviantArt

This image has a mini-story!! If you want to read the mini-story of this pic, you can download the PDF / Word here:
Story > The Last Story (Part.2) Fluttershy Eyes on Shyness! – PDF: Mini Story – Last Story Pt.2
Story > The Last Story (Part.2) Fluttershy Eyes on Shyness! – Word: Mini Story – Last Story Pt.2

Fluttershy is determined to confess how she feels about you, and today you will need to give her an answer! Muahaha!! XD. She doesn’t feel confident in herself, and she needs your help to feel confident and stay in the game to win your heart! Also, now everything has been cleared… the reason why Fluttershy is allied with Sombra is revealed! :O!! 
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