Elden Ring: Every Starting Weapon, Ranked

Elden Ring’s extensive selection of weaponry gives players a lot to choose from. And while weapons are easy to switch on the fly, it’s nice to have something strong from the very beginning that provides the needed utility to get through the early segments of the game.

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Beyond starting stats and armor, another factor in picking one’s class in Elden Ringis the starting weapons that it provides. Many starting weapons are easily obtained later though, so players aren’t barred from certain weapons if they begin the game with a particular build.

Updated June 3, 2022 by Erik Petrovich: There is a huge variety of Elden Ring starting class weapons, and each class typically gets access to more than one. The Prophet, for example, has the lackluster Short Spear, but it also has the Finger Seal and the Catch Flame Incantation for high Faith-based damage. Though it’s important to take a starting class’ equipment as a whole into account when starting the game, more often than not players end up using a single weapon for the first few hours of Elden Ring. Some weapons, like the aforementioned Finger Seal, are paired with underwhelming armaments, so it’s important to consider each of the Elden Ring starting weapons individually when thinking of which class you want to pick.

15 Estoc

While certainly not a bad weapon, Estoc is one that many players find difficult to use. It can only perform thrusting attacks, which are amazing against some enemies, but utterly useless against more than a single opponent at a time. In the right hands, Rapiers can be deadly – but it’s a difficult weapon type to master.

It has a high cost to obtain later at 3,000 runes from the Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes. If you plan to play through Elden Ring with a Rapier build, it’s better to grab it for free at the beginning instead of spending a decent chunk of Runes.

14 Short Spear

The Prophet class is a great starting choice for faith-based builds with great stats, but its starting weapons are in need of an upgrade or a replacement in order to take on more challenging content.

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Heal is useful — especially if one wishes to forgo health flasks for more FP charges. It’s the short spear, though, that’s the weakest link in the Prophet’s arsenal. The reach is decent, but low damage and being only melee range makes this loadout sorely lacking in long-range combat options.

13 Great Knife

The dexterity and arcane-based Bandit class comes with everything needed to play a hunter archetype. While at short range, the Great Knife has bleed build-up potential and can be upgraded and infused with Ashes of War. Players can also switch to the buckler to parry if needed.

Other than starting as a Bandit, the only other way to obtain the Great Knife is as a rare drop from demi-humans in the Lakeside Crystal Cave. That said, there are other viable daggers such as the Reduvia dagger, which can be obtained fairly early on and has a unique weapon skill.

12 Short Sword

The Short Sword is starting equipment for the Astrologer in a kind of counter to the class’s powerful Astrologer’s Staff. The Short Sword is not bad by any means, it just lacks the range and damage output of other melee starting weapons Elden Ring has on offer.

If you are looking for a Shortsword but don’t want to start as an Astrologer, head east of Summonwater Village in North Limgrave to purchase one from the Nomadic Merchant on the south side of the road leading to the bridge with the Mad Pumpkin Head.

11 Halberd

Balanced and packed full of vigor to keep players alive, the Vagabond is the perfect starting class for those new to FromSoft’s often unforgiving games. With decent damage and an advantage at medium range, the Halberd covers tanky, melee play but leaves little option for taking out enemies from a proper distance. Plus, it takes a while to swing.

This may not be a downside depending on one’s play style, but those playing the role of a weapons master may set aside these weapons early in favor of something a little flashier. The Halberd can later be acquired from a Merchant just beyond the Limgrave Mad Pumpkin Head bridge.

10 Longsword

The Longsword is starting equipment for the Vagabond class, and it works wonders alongside the Vagabond’s 100% damage blocking shield. Thanks to its relatively fast attack animations, all-around balanced stats, range, and ability to be infused, it’s a better melee weapon than many other Elden Ring starting weapons.

RELATED: Elden Ring: Hardest World Bosses, RankedIf you don’t start as the Vagabond, you can get a longsword for yourself upon unlocking Roundtable Hold. The Twin Maiden husks sit in a room around the corner to the left of the Table of Lost Grace spawn location, who sell the Longsword for 1000 Runes.

9 Glintstone Staff

Like the Astrologer, the Prisoner gives an edge to those wanting to dabble in magic early. And with its superior intelligence stat, it may be a better pick depending on what school of magic one chooses. It has a slightly lower sorcery scaling than the Astrologer’s Staff, but better staffs can be acquired very early in the game no matter which of the Elden Ring starting classes you choose.

The Glintstone Staff can be later found near the Waypoint Ruins dropped by a Noble Sorcerer just to the west of a cluster of gravestones. It also a possible drop from the Sorcerers found at Caria Manor – be sure to equip a Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot before farming for this staff to quicken things up a bit.

8 Finger Seal

The Finger Seal is starting equipment for both the Confessor and the Prophet, and serves as an all-around decent Sacred Seal for much of Elden Ring. The finger seal itself does have decent scaling on its own and could be taken all the way to Radahn and beyond, though it can be replaced with more specifically-targeted Seals early in the game.

The Finger Seal is used to cast Incantations, some of which can be bought from Brother Corhyn, and can also be found at Roundtable Hold for purchase from the Twin Maiden Husks.

7 Club

Players choosing the Wretch class likely know the extra challenge they’ve placed on themselves already. Starting at level 1 with even stats across the board, it’s greater difficulty with greater potential for customization. The Club hits very hard, but its short range makes it a worse choice than some other melee Elden Ring starting weapons.

That’s not to say the Club is wholly useless, however. It can be infused with Ashes of War and buffed with magic — making it more viable against stronger foes. Players trying out the Wretch know what they’re in for, and the Club’s potential for interrupting enemies (and damage output) can be fully harnessed in the right hands.

6 Battle Ax

Packed full of strength, the Hero class is perfect for those who want to dive blade or shield first into the heat of battle. What comes as the downside to raw power, however, is limited utility. The Great Ax is certainly not a bad weapon, but it’s one that pales in comparison to other strength-based weapons.

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It’s worth noting, too, that the battle ax’s Wild Strikes weapon skill is phenomenal for putting down large packs with ease or putting dents into challenging bosses. Seeing as that Ashes of War can be easily found on the Teardrop Scarab between the Stormhill Shack and Castleward Tunnel Site of Gracethough, this weapon is non-essential.

5 Longbow

The Longbow is one of the best Elden Ring starting class weapons for players wanting to try a Ranged build. It might not shoot as fast as the Shortbow, but it comes with a more powerful Ash of War and can deal damage from significantly further away. The Elden Ring Longbow stats are generally better than the Shortbow, too, though it does of course have better fire speed.

If you don’t start as the Samurai, this weapon can be bought from Roundtable Hold for 1000 Runes from the Twin Maiden Husks, found in a room near Gideon Ofnir’s chambers.

4 Dual Scimitar

For those who want to take on the game sword and board style, the Warrior and its dual scimitars give players the choice between careful and aggressive gameplay. The Scimitars reward the player who can weave in and out of combat, though it does pale in comparison to early dual-wielding-oriented weapons.

Not a bad starting choice but not amazing either, the Scimitars are certainly viable for clearing content, but given how many great dexterity-based weapons there are in Elden Ring — including the Twinblade which can be acquired at the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in under an hour of playtime — the scimitars can be skipped for most builds.

3 Broadsword

Similar to the Prophet, the Confessor is a great faith-based starter — with the added benefit of high strength and dexterity. Wh
ile both classes share similar loadouts, what sets this selection of starter weapons apart is the Broadsword’s superior damage and attack pattern along with the inclusion of a shield for parrying.

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Unfortunately, this loadout also suffers from a lack of long-range tools from the start. This can easily be circumvented by play style though — especially given the Broadsword’s impressive AOE potential with its cleaves. The Broadsword can later be bought from the Nomadic Merchant just west of Limgrave’s Coastal Cave.

2 Astrologer’s Staff

Those wanting to get a jump start in a magic build have the Astrologer with its great mind, dexterity, and arcane stats to choose from. With a short sword, scripture wooden shield, and staff, this loadout may seem underwhelming compared to the previous high-damage options, but what sets this set of weapons apart are the spells.

Glintstone Pebble, despite being a starter spell, is great for picking off small mobs in packs or poking at fast-moving enemies in PvP. It’s a highly useful utility spell that can be taken into the end game depending on one’s build. Although, because it’s easily bought from Sorceress Sellen in theWaypoint Ruins in Limgrave, it’s not essential to forgo other weapons in order to start with it.

1 Uchigatana

The Samurai class with high dexterity as well as decent strength and endurance is a powerhouse from the very beginning and a great choice for players starting out in Elden Ring. Its loadout of both melee and ranged weaponry with a bonus shield makes it the most balanced selection of starting weapons.

With high bleed build-up and the ability to be infused with Ashes of War, the Uchigatana can be upgraded and taken well into the mid and late game for both PVE and PVP. Unlike other starting weapons, katanas can not be purchased from shopkeepers, meaning those wanting to study the blade should choose a Samurai or test their luck in Limgrave’s Deathtouched Catacombs to obtain the Uchigatana.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S

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