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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is perhaps one of the shining stars of the summer game releases. Perhaps, it’s because of the colossal silliness that follows up to 60 players in a colorful battle-royale game. Maybe it’s just because we didn’t have a whole lot to do other than play video games? Whatever the case – it was noticed.

What’s generally not understood is whether Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a good game from an analytical perspective. There are plenty of similar battle-royale games out there – why has this one suddenly taken the cream of the crop? I think I understand a few reasons why this offering takes the biscuit.

Time To Take The Fall

If you’ve ever heard of the concept ‘right place, right time’ – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the picture-perfect definition of it. In a summer where we all needed a bit of cheering up and a sprinkle of ludicrousness – Mediatonic delivered that in a family-friendly, colorful battle-royale game. Whether they meant to or not – popularity exploded.

Up to 60 players will take control of their very own customizable jelly bean. The goal is to be the last one standing in a series of challenging mini-games that will test your cognitive resolve and teamwork skills. You’ll dodge fruits, hop over platforms, and avoid swinging obstacles as you leverage the game’s basic run and jump mechanics to succeed.

The whole environment is set like an ethereal Candyland version of game shows like Takeshi’s Castle. Watching 60 players challenge each other to ultimate glory is one of the most amusing factors. Hordes of comically moving jelly beans struck by a giant orange are hugely entertaining. Even though, at times, it can be very frustrating for the player.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a simple game with grand ambitions. The reasons for its success are easy to divulge – it’s accessible, colorful, replayable, and downright ridiculous at times. As entertaining as it is – if there’s anything to take from a downside is the incredible frustration the game causes given its limited mechanics. Sometimes simplicity isn’t enough when facing competition – and using the jump and run on a seesaw with 25 other people can meet your untimely end – despite your best efforts.

A Knockout Punch for the Competition

Comparatively to other battle-royales like Among Us and Human Fall Flat – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is refreshingly simple in stature. As aforementioned, it was the game that was needed in the current time – but that’s not to say it’s the best one.

Occasionally, it does feel like a little more could be offered to favor the player in place of the more challenging obstacles in the mini-games.


That being said, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a riot. It’s an excellent party game that is inherently accessible to anybody looking for a few minutes or hours of fun. The visuals are elevating, the premise easy to grasp, and the characters colorful – not much more you could ask for in these trying times.


  • Easy to learn controls and basic mechanics make the game very accessible
  • Up to 60 players each session for entertaining mayhem
  • Great competitive feel to the game


  • Limited character capabilities can become frustrating
  • The high levels of competitiveness can be a bit overwhelming at times

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