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Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 is the third game in the Fazbear series of horror point-and-click games. This saga developed by the indie developer Scott Cawthon, completely blew up after the first game went viral. Later on, the series has seen great numbers, and while it’s not as big as it once was, it still has an immense fanbase. And the internet really does love these games.

But making more games with the same mechanics could be too repetitive, that’s why the series always finds ways to keep on evolving. But this evolution can be tough, even though the fans are loyal to the series, these changes can be a bit troublesome sometimes. So, what’s different in this game, and how come they keep on making games in the series with such a simple premise? Let’s talk about Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 for a moment and find out.

About the game

Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 takes a few different steps for the series in many ways, one of them is that it actually represents a time-skip to 30 years after the ending of the first game. Keeping in mind that the second game was actually a prequel. In this time, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza has become more of an urban legend.

You no longer play the role of a security guard, and it is not a pizza restaurant anymore. Instead this time we’re dealing with a fair attraction created by a businessman looking to monetize on the legend. This means you’re not a security guard, but rather an actor, playing the role of a security guard. And yes, for some reason even though you’re an actor playing the role of a security guard, you still have to stay there the 6 nights and take care of the post until the official opening of the attraction.

Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 changed the formula from the first two Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Instead of having a whole gang of animatronic animals coming to get you in your security post, this time there’s only one animatronic haunting you called Springtrap. The other animatronics will only be out there as phantoms, but won’t be able to hurt you. This new one-animatronic perspective for the game can be a game-changer, literally. Aside from this, the plot thickens for the series, while being less clear at the same time.

Horror friends

Five Night At Freddy’s 3 feels a little rushed, and it might just be launched too early. It really does feel that the developer is trying to get every last drop of juice they can from the successful animatronic series. But a little more innovation is always required to launch a sequel. Like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and how the sequel made it different and big enough to be a justifiable second game.


IT is much easier than previous games of the series, as there’s only one animatronic you need to worry about. It¿s easier to stay organized and once you figured out the trick to keeping Springtrap busy, you’re all set for surviving all 6 nights without much trouble.


  • Great new designs
  • The story gets more interesting
  • Still scary


  • Little-to-no innovation
  • Easier than previous titles
  • Repetitive

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