Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Download

After two years, fans of the Five Night at Freddy’s are finally getting a new game. It may not seem like a long time, but for the Five Night’s franchise, waiting more than a year for a game is something that never happened before.

But now, after its announcement, we can see the reason for the wait. Five Night At Freddy’s: Security Breach was announced and it looks amazing. The game will now take place in a place that seems like a mall, and you must once again survive the night shift, as you escape the animatronics that come to life at night.

The Evolution of the Five Night franchise.

Seeing how much the game evolved over the years has been an amazing experience, Scott Cawthon, creator of the game, has come a long way since the release of the original game. Not only adding new mechanics to the game, different and creepier animatronics, but also developing an augmented reality game to further enhance the gaming experience.

For fans of the game, this new title is an amazing surprise. The game now seems to be on a much larger scale, with amazing graphics, and gameplay that was never seen before in previous games. Instead of sitting in an office and only being able to interact with certain objects around you, this time players will be able to actually explore this mall-like building, and come face to face with the animatronics.


So far we’ve only seen a small video showcasing the game and how it will be played. Even being only two minutes long, it was made clear to recognize certain gameplay mechanics. Like mentioned previously, players will now be able to walk around the map. With this, stealth and chasing elements also seem to be in the game. There will be plenty of space to explore, and different ways to flee the animatronics, as the game takes place in a three story mall-like place.

The good old camera feed is now accessible through a smart-watch the player has, that also gives you access to a map, inventory and logs. There are certain other new and exciting mechanics in the game that weren’t introduced in the trailer, so expect to find them while playing the game.

Five Night at Freddy’s: Security Breach still retains its horror elements, and this time it looks like they are making it even more horrifying. A new cast of animatronics appears in this title, and there seems to be an even scarier one, that wasn’t fully shown.

Freddy’s Back

After 2 years without any game releases, which for the Five Night’s franchise was unusual, as they usually release one to two titles a year, we now finally know the reason why. Steel Wool Studios were working on this new and amazing game. Security Breach will be a totally new addition to the franchise, and might just introduce how the future sequels will be like.


Sadly, there is still no definite release date for the game, all we know is that it is set to come out later this year. Announced only for the PS4, PS5 and PC for now. If you are a fan of the Five Night at Freddy’s games, be sure to play this one.


  • Updated visuals
  • New engaging gameplay
  • Huge map


  • Only available for sony consoles and PC
  • No set release date

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