[FLASH] Kamen Rider Build v 5.35.14 BETA by crimes0n on DeviantArt


– 5 Riders : Build, Cross-Z, Grease, Rogue, Evol.
– 35 FullBottles
– 2 SclashJelly
– 42 Forms
– 3 Drivers
– 8 Weapons
– 7 gadgets: Cross Dragon, Great Cross Dragon, R/T Sparkling, Hazard trigger. Evol Trigger, FullFullBottle, Magma Knuckle.
– Build Phone Bike

– tap and hold the driver’s handle to twist the lever, release to transform.

change log:
v 5.35.14 beta
+ Kamen Rider Evol
+ Evol Driver
+ 2 Gadgets: Evol Trigger, Great Cross Dragon.
+ 4 Evol Bottles, Great CrossZ Dragon Bottle.

change log:
v 4.30.12 beta
+ FullFullBottle
+FullBottle Buster
+ Magma Knuckle 

v 4.28.10 beta
+ Kamen Rider Rogue
+ Weapon: TwinBreaker
+ 2 FullBottles: Tiger+Uvo

credits: TV-Asahi, Bandai, TOEI, B-Boys.jp,
thanks to: OverTime, RTA, k2eizo, CometComics, Google. etc,

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