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Forest of The Blue Skin is an erotic animated game in which your character fights hordes of enemies who attempt to rape him. It is a side-scrolling 2D platformer game with sexual elements.


You are Kuro, a boy who is charged with capturing monster girls and bringing the girls to the village. All the monsters are gorgeous, well-built females that you can have sex with.


The game is easy to play with easy controls. The level design is okay too. Before you can capture any girl, you must fulfill some conditions. If you can have a successful capture without any consequence, you can have sex with the girl in your capture zone. Not all the girls in the game can be captured.

When you capture certain girls, you gain special abilities. You retain these abilities permanently. You can cycle through all the abilities you gain and use anyone you want. There are abilities for running faster, an ability that puts up a protective slime wall, an ability that helps you dodge enemies, an ability that helps you capture girls faster, an ability that hides you from enemies, an ability that helps you to jump higher, an ability that helps you to destroy rocks and an ability that helps you release an enemy-destroying cum shot.

There are indicators for struggle, pleasure level and life. You climax when you fill up the pleasure bar, but this will make you lose some of your life. The game ends when your life finishes. But that will rarely happen, as the game is easy to play.

You can have sex with the subdued monsters using various sexual positions and styles. There are also sexual elements of creampie, titjob, blowjob, foot job, masturbation etc. The sexual elements may not be as erotic as you want because the characters are tiny and everything is depicted within a 2D frame. The characters are also cartoon-like and not life-sized.
As you capture each girl, they get added to the game’s gallery so you can view them later. You can unlock extra animations by finding some hidden panels in the game.

Game Levels and Areas

As of the time, this review was written, the game has seven areas. They include a forest area, a tree area, a desert area, a mansion area, a tomb area, a magical forest area, and a swamp area. The areas all have different enemies and different methods of capturing each enemy. The girls in each area also have different methods of having sex with you.

More areas should be added as time goes on.

Game Updates

Developed by just one person, the game is yet to be complete. The developer releases updates to the game constantly.


Forest of The Blue Skin is an enjoyable 2D erotic game. While the sex may not be as visual or as erotic as Cockwork Industries and other erotic games, the game is still good.


  • Enjoyable 2D gameplay with sexual elements
  • Smooth gameplay with minimal bugs
  • Good animations


  • Lack of 3D sex

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