Fortnite Zero Chance Reality Augment, explained

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, players get to choose from a range of Reality Augments that give them particular abilities and boosts. The Zero Chance Reality Augment is one of these perks, and players need to know how to use it in a match. Here’s how to use the Zero Chance perk and what it does in Fortnite.

How to use the Zero Chance Reality Augment in Fortnite

Zero Chance is a Mobility and Scouting Augment, meaning it grants players certain skills to maneuver across the map and locate enemies. Selecting this perk allows players to gain Zero Point Dash every time they break an opponent’s shield. The Zero Chance Augment can be a game changer in team game modes. This will allow players to rush enemies quicker right after breaking their shields.

Players can effectively combine the Zero Chance perk with other Reality Augments to get an edge over opponents. For example, use Soaring Sprints and Aerialist along with Zero Chance to get maximum mobility against enemies. Players can get a jump boost with Soaring Sprints, and the ability to deploy their glider with Aerialist. Combining these two with Zero Chance allows players to take charge of any fight and get easy eliminations.

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What is the Zero Point Dash ability in Fortnite?

Zero Point Dash is a movement mechanic in Fortnite that allows players to teleport a short distance by pressing the jump button twice. Using Zero Point Crystals, consuming a Zero Point Pretzel or a Zero Point Fish gives players the ability to Zero Point Dash for a brief period. Its inclusion in a Reality Augment allows players more scope to use this unique teleportation ability during combat. Players can choose only four Reality Augments for every match, so make sure to select the best perks to stay one step ahead of opponents.

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