GPO Private Server Codes (UPDATED) [February 2023]

GPO Private Server Codes

Below you will find Grand Piece Private Server Online Codes that can get you in VIP areas to unlock the rare fruits and items.

Information About Roblox Grand piece of Online

Roblox Grand Piece Online is an action and thrilling game. It is among the most played games launched on the 6th of May, 2018. To date, the game has attracted over 272.4 million players. A total of 600000 users have added the game to their top list of games. At present, Grand piece Online has more than 15k active players.

Roblox Grand Piece Online is an adventure game. You play as an explorer going on a cruise to find and acquire rare items. On your way, you’ll discover hidden areas, chests, and other treasures.

Since this is a voyage through the sea, you’ll be confronted by pirates. Join them in your team , or track them down.

Exotic fruits are the kind that everyone is seeking. They help you become more effective in your game. This is the reason GPO Private servers are useful.

With around 15k+ active users the search for exotic fruit and treasures could become a challenge. It is possible to get an exclusive server, but it costs 700 Robux.

Instead, you can use the listed private server codes to make your way to VIP sites.

GPO Private Server Codes – List

These private server codes work as of the writing date of this article, and will allow you to access the VIP Private Servers free of charge.

  • v6aZ29W
  • Lo8sLdJ
  • k9C2lvY
  • AiU4k83
  • QfS72Sd
  • um02dAc
  • zZ2LkB2
  • 9uBsplh
  • qCUuDoO
  • Xom9bhj
  • iQ7DVeo
  • R4T9P8w
  • b7EcdlX
  • mnOFnpc
  • 3qvfSoX
  • 9hfCyed
  • 94Syc8l
  • PXAB69c
  • v6aZ29W
  • LUDKxyA
  • Xe9Nakz
  • DWFzWTm
  • IwIrdo2
  • r2b9Wmp

The PS codes of the Grand Piece Online usually last one or two days. Try them and see if you get the message “Teleporting”, and what happens after:

  • No Teleporting message: The code doesn’t work, probably expired
  • Teleporting message but never teleports: The server is full, try another one
  • You enter the PS: everything works fine

GPO Private Server Codes – How to Join?

  1. Launch GPO – Grand Piece Online
  2. Select Private Servers (from the main menu, before clicking on Play)
  3. Enter the PS code in the Texbox
  4. Press Enter
  5. If it works you should receive a “Teleporting” message, if not the code is expired. But if the message says “Teleporting” but you don’t enter the server after a while is because the server is full, so try another one.

GPO Private Server Codes – Get your Own PS

Anyone can get their own private server ( PS in Grand Piece Online), it costs 700 robux >

  • Fruit spawns in private servers
  • Permanent private servers for you and your friends
  • generating a new code will shut down the private server and make previous code invalid
  • PS owner can unlock/lock the gates at colosseum and turn on pvppads in there (!pvppads on/!pvppads off)
  • Damage to npcs and haki training is disabled while the pvppads are on
  • Bosses spawn 10 minutes after first join



Long awaited naval adventure experience.

Work towards your ideal build, discover hidden locations, and challenge difficult bosses while competing with others!

Scavenge the lands for treasure and exotic fruits known to empower their eaters. Hunt the pirates, or side with them.

Perhaps you’ll join a crew, or better yet, make one yourself.

2x legendary fruit rates are AUTOMATICALLY applied every friday-sunday

Miscellaneous controls:



P-Sit on ship


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