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Hello and welcome to the Trueachievements walkthrough for Jurassic World Evolution. Fans of the popular movie franchise will be familiar with the concept – an entertainment park where the attractions are millions of years old. This time you are in control, tasked with creating and managing parks on numerous islands.

While there are the moments of toothy chaos you might be expecting, if you manage your islands and dinosaurs Jurassic World Evolution can be a fairly easy game. To that end, this is a very precise walkthrough, showing you what to do and where to do it. The game is open and unrestricted, meaning there are hundreds of ways you could go about it. What is shown in the walkthrough is both efficient and easy to follow.

The 73 achievements included in the walkthrough are loosely categorised as follows:

  • 16 are story-related achievements,
  • 21 relate to developing dinosaur genomes and releasing specific types of dinosaurs,
  • 11 involve in-game photography,
  • 6 require tranquilising dinosaurs in specific ways,
  • 10 relate to actions performed with the Ranger jeep,
  • 2 are miscellaneous achievements relating to research and upgrades,
  • 6 relate to completing Challenge mode,
  • 1 involves filling the InGen Database.

The last deserves special mention. The InGen Database contains 266 entries that are unlocked by performing specific actions throughout the game. This number increases to 309 if you have the paid DLC installed. Even if you don’t start the DLC if the game detects those DLC the requirements for the achievement will change and you’ll have to complete virtually everything to unlock it.

The walkthrough starts with two pages of general hints and information. The campaign guide follows, then title updates and paid DLC. Three appendices cover general information about the aforementioned InGen Database, the dinosaurs themselves and all the unlockable items throughout the game.

So, without further ado… (puts on John Hammond voice), “Welcome to Jurassic World Evolution!”

John Hammond link thanks to Youtube/LordMagnus101.
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