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Hey guys, welcome to my SPOILER FREE Resident Evil Village walkthrough. I’m thunderkiss92, here to help you kill some monsters and unlock some achievements at the same time! I know why you’re here. You know why you’re here. Let’s get those achievements.

Village is a sequel to 2017’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Achievements. It released in May 2021 (to many memes and much thirst), and marks the first time in RE history that we get a sequel featuring the same protagonist.

Before I say anything more, I’d like to note that there is once again a paid DLC that will unlock most of the extra content that you would otherwise have to unlock through normal gameplay. The DLC is largely unnecessary and the walkthrough was written without this DLC in mind. There is also a third person mode for those that have purchased the Winters’ Expansion DLC. The walkthrough was written from a first person perspective playthrough, but feel free to change modes if you’d like.

As for the rest of the Winters’ Expansion, you’ll need it to access additional Mercenaries content (more on that in a moment), as well as additional story content that does feature more achievements for us to unlock. It’s worth noting, too, that this DLC adds additional playable characters to Mercenaries Mode, all of which are stronger than Ethan and will make the Mercenaries Mode achievements MUCH easier.

Of course, the walkthrough will help you complete the base game if you’re not into purchasing said DLCs. In total, the base game has 49 achievements for you to unlock. Purchasing the Winters’ Expansion brings the total up to 56 achievements. The following paragraph will mention stats, and will be using the total 56 achievements as the completion count.

So, what can you expect from this game as a completionist? Three playthroughs in total, plus a super short partial playthrough. For the first, on standard (or Casual) difficulty, we’ll gather all the collectibles and most of the miscellaneous stuff, this should take around 12 hours and unlock 34/56 achievements. The second playthrough needs to clock in under three hours, as it’s for the speed run. We’ll tackle a few other achievements while we’re at it, for a total of four achievements popped in this playthrough. That puts us at 38/56. Finally, we’ll have the hardest difficulty playthrough. By this time you’ll have infinite ammo weapons to make it easier (one of the boss fights is a pain, but with some practice you’ll get it). This one should take around three hours, as it’s very similar to the speed run. You’ll unlock two achievements at the end of the third playthrough, bringing you up to 40/56. Then we’ll start a fourth playthrough and play it for less than an hour to clean up the remaining story mode achievements. You’ll pop another seven here, resulting in 47/56 achievements unlocked. NOTE: If you do not own the Winters’ Expansion, you only have two achievements left at this point.

The last two achievements for the base game are tied to the Mercenaries Mode. The first achievement is for reaching a combo of thirty, something you’ll unlock automatically as you go for the S ranks. Ah yes, the S Ranks. You’ll have to get at least an S Rank on each of the base game maps. This mode can be tough (especially if you don’t have the Winters’ Expansion), but I don’t want you feeling discouraged about playing Village because of it. Persistence is key. Time doesn’t matter, accuracy doesn’t matter, damage taken doesn’t matter. It’s all about killing the enemies in a consistent streak and reaching the end in one piece after you’ve killed them all. The enemies always spawn in the same places, so you can perfect the maps over time and eventually get the achievements. All you need is a bit of dedication! Or, you know, those DLC characters. Regardless, once you hit that 30 combo and achieve S Ranks, you’ll pop the last two base game achievements, which brings us to 49/56 (and one completed base game list).

From here, all that remains is the Winters’ Expansion. You might as well quickly play through the two newer maps and get their respective achievements; that’s right, you simply need to complete these maps! HOWEVER, you might want to try for A/S Ranks on them to unlock the last two characters, if you’re still struggling with the mode. Popping the last two Mercenaries Mode achievements will bring you to 51/56. The final five will be unlocked in the story content (more on that on its individual page). Without spoiling anything, this DLC will only require one playthrough on the hardest difficulty. The whole thing should take around five hours, possibly less if you don’t struggle too much with the Hardcore Mode. Completing the additional story content on Hardcore whilst nabbing two miscellaneous achievements along the way will bring your completion: 56/56 achievements worth 1,190 GS.

So, to wrap things up, the base game completion should take you 25-30 hours depending on how you manage the Mercenaries Mode, and the Winters’ Expansion will add another five hours. The total completion time should be around 35 hours, possibly less if you blitz Mercenaries Mode with the newer characters.

Now, before we get started, I’d just like to say: it always takes longer to write these walkthroughs than I am comfortable with. I aim to be thorough and as helpful as possible, and it’s hard to rush when you’re aiming at those qualities. I put around 150 hours into the game across two different accounts, but mistakes are always a possibility. If you have any questions or concerns, send me a message here on TA or drop a comment in Village’s walkthrough thread.

Finally, I just want to say thanks for all the support, encouragement, and patience as I wrote this. I hope it helps you, and I hope you enjoy your time in the Village. Good luck and watch out for that full moon. Also vampire women. Always gotta watch out for them, too.

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