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In HDoom we are taking one of (if not THE) most famous first-person shooter of all time and throwing about 10 buckets of lewd hentai paint all over it! You know exactly what you are getting here and it is actually a lot of fun! I think if you are a fan of the original doom and you love your hentai, you are going to get a huge kick out of this. However, if first-person shooters have never done anything for you, I cannot see this one winning you over.

Space Girls Gone Crazy

Do you know how in the original Doom you are fighting demons on Mars? Well in HDoom, you have a kind of different story. Instead of demons and monsters that are trying to take over, you have a bunch of sexy hentai style demons that are up to no good instead. This is not the kind of game you play for the story and I am very cool with that! The original Doom was like this to so it is hard to be harsh on a mod for doing the same thing.

Unleash Hell! Visually, HDoom looks just like Doom on PC, but the sprites have been released with these sexy hentai characters. The levels look very similar and there is no mistaking this game for anything other than Doom. It looks great, but it does look a tad pixelated, but to be fair, so did the original Doom so the hentai sprites that they have put in here fit right in with that Doom aesthetic in my opinion. One thing that is pretty neat is that for the sex scenes, we get to see Doom Guy in the third person and that is pretty fun, although he does look a tad small.

Doom By Any Other Name

Gameplay wise, if you have played Doom, you know what to expect here. This is classic Doom, but with a porno twist and that is great. You will still be killing hordes of enemies, but the twist is that sometimes they will go into a submissive pose and then you get to have sex with them to show them what an alpha you really are. The gameplay is tight and will have you finding keys, opening doors, and looking for secret areas. The game is not finished and it has not had a significant update for a while as I write this, but what is here is fun.

Getting It Working

While I have had fun playing HDoom, I must admit that I know more people who have had trouble getting this to work than I have people who have just gotten this thing up and running without any trouble. It can be very finicky to get working and even when you do get it working, crashes and freezes are not all that uncommon so that is something to be aware of before you play it. You may get lucky like I did and not only have it work, but only have a few crashes and freezes.


As far as mods of games go, HDoom is pretty fun and ambitious, it is neat how they decided to put a hentai spin on Doom and I think what they are going for is great. The gameplay is that same classic Doom we all know and love, but with the hentai twist that is sure to make you smile as you put these sexy hentai demons in their place. As I said, getting this running can be more hassle than it is worth and a few of my buddies have said screw it and given up trying to get it to work!


  • It is a hentai version of Doom
  • The gameplay as tight just as if you were playing Doom
  • It is fun to see Doom Guy getting to bang these creatures
  • If you like Doom, you will like this


  • The game can be very buggy and may not even load at all
  • I am not sure if they are still working on adding levels or even fixes to the game at this point

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