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New Extreme Download 2021 address: These days, it is not easy to find direct download sites similar to Extreme Download. Those that do well are regularly dismantled or hijacked, and the lists of so-called best sites that abound on the Internet are quickly obsolete. The addresses we offer below actually work.

Extreme Download is one of the most popular download sites in France. The site offers films, series, video games, manga, music, e-books in original version and in french. As Download zone, this free streaming platform offers the download of warez in DDL, that is to say direct download from Mega links, Uptobox, etc.

In this article, I invite you to discover the new address of Extreme Download, the up-to-date URL that works to avoid running into clones, as well as the complete guide to this free streaming and download site.

Free direct download: Easier but less choice

The direct download sites are presented as catalogs of films and series, with links allowing them to be downloaded from online hosting services. The former are paid through advertising, the latter by offering Internet users subscriptions to download without limitations.

All this while playing cat and mouse with the authorities: remember, distributing or retrieving copyrighted works in this way is illegal.

In this model, files are hosted on an online storage service, such as Uptobox, 1Fichier, RapidGator and others. Direct download sites only provide a link to these files, which you typically download through your browser.

For the user, it is easier than Torrents sites, but the choice is less extensive, there are hardly any confidential works for direct download.

In addition, there is a lot of movement in free direct download sites, hunted down by the authorities, and often replaced by bad clones when they are debunked. That said, Extrem Download now holds the top of the list of top download sites.

Extreme Download what is it?

The site extreme download also called extreme down is a very popular site that allows you to download movies, series, music, video games, software and ebooks through direct links. This DDL direct download platform is distinguished by its clarity and simplified and ergonomic navigation.

ExtremeDown as Internet users call it on the extreme download forum sites, is the one to see the only site that offers video content in the 4K category that allows you to view content in UltraHD quality.

In addition to 4K quality, it is possible to download movies, shows, cartoons and manga in SD video quality, HD and HDLight.

In addition, Extreme Download also offers many search filters and new things arrive very quickly, and this is one of the features that sets the site apart.

The interface, as often, deserves a little refresh. This site adds a musical selection compared to the cadors in the middle which is very nice in the end.

Popular despite its relative discretion, Extrême Download has not failed to attract the wrath of rights holders. And the natural outcome of their legal proceedings systematically results in outright censorship of the site by internet service providers and search engines. Thus the famous official Extreme Download website changed its name in 2021.

The new Extreme Download 2021 address

That’s a subtle very discreet change of address, occurred these days. Without fanfare, the Extreme Download site, whose purpose is to offer the public an access window to free direct download links, changed address in 2021.

A new address is now active, with the name Extreme-down instead of the old Extreme-download.

Thus in recent months, regulars could count on an automatic redirection system in order to arrive at the right version of ExtremeDownload. To help you, we share with you the new Extreme Download address, which is up to date and works:

  • (new address – works)
  • (new address – works)
  • (redirect)
  • (redirect)
  • (redirect)
  • (does not work)
  • (elle fonctionne)

To access the ddl Extreme Down site, simply enter the site name in the search bar of your web browser and visit the site. However, given the constant change of the site address to escape the control of the authorities, it is inevitably difficult to navigate and access the right address.

In fact, there was no message on the migration from the team behind this site, either on their Twitter account or on the news page. The decision is obviously not linked to a specific judicial news,

How to Upload to the site?

In its operating mode, Extreme Download is not a pure download site. The concept is closer to the form of a directory of download links like Download zone et wawacity.

In this sense, the platform does not host any file on its servers and refers users directly to file hosts such as Uptobox, Uploaded or Rapidgator.

A sensible formula to facilitate access to thousands of pirated files including films, TV series and even video games, while protecting against possible legal proceedings.

That said, to search for the content you want to download or watch in streaming, you just need to access the list of content classified by category or simply enter the title of the film, series or music title in the search bar.

Once the content is found on the site, you just have to click on it. A playback window will then appear to view the chosen content in streaming with the possibility of selecting direct download links with different video quality and resolution options.

When we want to download media content on Extreme Down and click on one of the download links, the site redirects us to a link protection platform. In this case it is the ed protect extreme download site. Once you find yourself on the intermediary site, you just have to validate the captcha that is displayed on the screen.

The direct download links offered on the Extreme Download site are all active and provide access to selected media content in the quality advertised.

Top Best Similar Free Download Sites

Here are free direct download platforms that may also be of interest to you in addition to or as an alternative to Extreme Download if ever the services were to
be disrupted.

  1. Tirexo
  2. Download zone
  3. Full stream
  4. Libertyvf
  5. iDDL
  6. Cpassmieux
  7. cpasbien
  8. HDS Streaming
  9. Putlockers
  10. RARBG
  11. Limetorrents
  12. FitgirlRepack
  13. oxtorrent
  14. MovieStreaming1
  15. Seeseries
  16. Cinemay
  17. Filmstoon
  18. Sokroflix
  19. Galtro
  20. Time2watch
  21. torrent9
  22. Cinezzz
  23. VK streaming
  24. Palixi
  25. Directory area
  26. Directory-download.
  27. Free-Download
  28. eMule Island

For more addresses, we also invite you to read: Top Best Free Direct Download Sites et Best Free No-Download Football Streaming Sites

Watch out for clones

To be honest, it’s been a while since I promised myself to write this article, not for pure pleasure, but simply to prevent a large number of Internet users from being badly plucked by fraudulent sites.

Since the change of address from the official extreme download website, quite a few clones have emerged and I fully understand that it is difficult for some to tell the difference between the copies and the official extreme download.

If graphically the site looks like the original extreme-down, it is neither more nor less than a fake. For those who have had the opportunity to browse it, has no content and does not refer to any actual download link.

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Indeed, it automatically redirects users to several third-party sites with the same graphic charter, each with more exotic names than the next and which ask you to register by asking for your credit card number. It turns out that this is a massive credit card scam already known on the internet.

In case you really want to access the site, the only “safe” web address that works is therefore at the top of the article, updated every week.

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