How much is a 50 gallon Red Wing crock worth?

Answer: Tamara, if your dad’s Red Wing 50 gallon crock is in perfect condition, the value is between $1700 & $2000. The lid with the damage is maybe $200 to $300.

What is a 5 gallon Red Wing jug worth?

Answer: Chuck, the first 5 gallon shoulder jug with the gallon-age number on the domb and with the 6 inch wing has a value between $250 & $300 depending on condition.

What is the biggest Red Wing crock?

Answer: The largest Red Wing crock produced was the 60 gallon. Red Wing did produced two or three 70 gallon jugs for the world’s fair.

What year did Red Wing Pottery start?

The Red Wing Stoneware company first began producing utilitarian stoneware in 1877. These early pieces were covered with a rich tan salt glaze and decorated with a beautiful hand drawn image.

What are old crocks worth?

Collectively, antique stoneware crock values range from $500 to $400,000. However, actual antique crock selling prices depend on whether the crock has the iconic cobalt blue design.

What was a 20 gallon crock used for?

Large crocks, at least 20-gallon, were reserved for brining or curing meat after butchering. A brine was made of sugar, salt, and a small amount of salt peter or sodium nitrate, which was mixed into gallons of water.

How big is a 10 gallon crock?

10 Gallon Set: Crock: 17.25″ H x 16.25″ diameter, weighs 38 lbs. Lid: 16.5″ diameter, 2″ to lip. Weight: 14″ diameter.

What size Red Wing crocks are there?

With a variety of sizes ranging from 2 to 60 gallons, the Red Wing crocks were sold in the thousands in the years between 1877 and 1947.

What was Red Wing stoneware used for?

Red Wing was, in fact, the only independent pottery maker in the country that continued this age-old art of hand painting on dinnerware, casual china and art pottery.

How much is a 40 gallon Red Wing crock worth?

Answer: Amy, Your 40 gallon crock in mint condition has a value around $1000. You can try your local craigslist, face book for sale site or advertise on here.

Is Redwing Pottery valuable?

For these reasons, along with their general scarcity, salt-glaze Red Wing stoneware from the late 19th century is highly collectible. As the 20th century dawned, Red Wing was the largest pottery in the United States.

How old is my Red Wing crock?

Try to identify the age – There are certain marks that can tip you off to your crock’s age. If the crock has a pattern, and the name of the pattern is on the bottom, that means it was made after 1810. If the mark includes the word “limited” (or “Ltd”), then it was mad after 1861.

Is Red Wing pottery still in business?

The iconic Red Wing Stoneware pottery company will close its doors in September, the company’s owners announced on Facebook Monday. The company cited low-cost competitors as a reason for ceasing manufacturing and sales.

Is Red Wing pottery still made?

Red Wing Stoneware has been an American institution for almost a century. The tradition continues today in Red Wing, Minnesota with the production of beautiful stoneware.

How is Red Wing pottery marked?

All new products also have a circular ink stamp on the base with the full company name and wing trademark Fig. 11. No ink stamp on any original pre-1930 Red Wing pottery includes a wing. The most likely new pieces to be offered as old are the unusual shapes such as covered jars, pitchers and pots.

How do I know if my crock is antique?

A shiny, glass-like surface with occasional bumps indicates that the crock was salt-glazed and antique, since reproductions are often totally smooth. Simple decorations, which appear to be painted on freehand, are authentic, whereas printed or stamped designs are often reproductions.

What are stoneware crocks worth?

Stoneware Crock With Blue Chicken Decor At 13 1/2 inches tall, its two handles added to its value. In 2019, 5-gallon, salt-glazed, hand-painted crocks with handles were selling from $200 to $1250. This vast range in price depends greatly on its condition and if it had its original manufacturer’s marks.

What are old stoneware crocks used for?

Before the advent of refrigeration, crocks were used in American kitchens to hold foodstuffs such as butter, salted meats and pickled vegetables. The crocks were invariably made of stoneware, a durable, economical ceramic that remains water-tight, even without a glaze.

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