How to Complete Decay Cleanup World Quest in WoW Dragonflight

WoW: Dragonflight players have a new and involved quest to tackle in the “Decay Cleanup” World Quest, which requires you to cleanse:

  • 15 Oozing Decay,
  • And 6 Rotting Treants corpses.

The quest is half-weekly, available for three days and 12 hours only. When the World Quest is active, you need to head to the Brackenhide Brambles subzone in the Azure Span at [17,39] coordinates.

Upon killing the Oozing Decays and Rotting Treants, you have to press an extra-action button to drop a totem and cleanse the defeated enemy’s corpse, which earns you progress toward the quest. After cleansing 21 corpses in total, you should complete the World Quest.

While the Oozing Decay and Rotting Treants can be found anywhere in the Brackenhide Brambles subzone, players should keep an eye out for Brackenhide Rotflingers, as they will be casting the Spreading Decay spell. You would want to leave them alone and not interrupt their casting since that means they will create more Oozing Decay and Rotting Treants for you to kill and cleanse.

In case the totem you use to cleanse the corpses after killing the enemies does not seem to register toward quest completion, according to Marenyalia in Wowhead, you should use the totem before looting the corpses — and not after. Due to many players attempting to cleanse the corpses for the quest, it is also recommended to form a group using the premade group finder or invite others.

Quest Rewards

  • 9,050 Experience.
  • 150 Reputation with Iskaara Tuskarr.

In conclusion, the “Decay Cleanup” World Quest requires players to cleanse 15 Oozing Decay and six Rotting Treants corpses, which can be found throughout the Brackenhide Brambles subzone in WoW: Dragonflight. After killing an enemy, players must use an extra-action button to cleanse the corpses, and completing this task a total of 21 times will finish the quest. Forming a group can be helpful due to the number of players attempting to complete this quest.

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