How to Contact Etsy Customer Service

In this article we will try to teach you how Contact Etsy Customer Service: Phone, Email, Chat. Etsy is an online marketplace for independent artists and crafters to sell their wares. Etsy is primarily associated with handmade toys, collectibles, art, housewares, vintage furniture, jewelry, clothing, and holiday items, as well as arts and crafts supplies. Unlike Amazon and Walmart, everything on the site is made, collected, curated, and sold by its sellers. These independent business owners not only produce their goods but also manage their orders and inventory. Etsy acts as a middleman, providing a platform for smaller, independent creatives to find and attract customers.

Etsy is a third-party ecommerce platform that makes it easy for small creators and businesses to expand their reach by showing (and hopefully selling) to a wide audience that might never have found them otherwise. For many, this allows them to turn talent and a few products into a lucrative business, building momentum and collecting reviews on a trusted site where customers are ready to buy. Below we have mention the steps to Contact Etsy Customer Service via phone, email, or chat.

How to Contact Etsy customer services via phone, email, or chat

How to contact Etsy Support

Step 1: Sign up for Etsy if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Go to the Etsy Help Center.

Step 3: Under “What can we help you with?” There are two options – a link for buyers and one for sellers. If you’re a buyer, click Buy on Etsy. If you’re a seller, select Sell on Etsy.

Step 4: Select the category that best fits the reason you are contacting Etsy Support.

Step 5: Keep selecting the categories and queries that best fit your problem until you get to a page with suggestions on how to solve your problem.

Step 6: If you still need to contact Etsy Support, click “I still need help.”

Step 7: Select from the options to chat with us, call us, or email us, where available.

Step 8: If you selected the chat option, a chat box will open. Type your message into the chat messenger, then click Start Chat.

Step 9: If you selected the call option, you’ll see contact numbers for North America (1-844-935-3879), the UK (44-800-011-9700), and Australia (61-1800-531-536). .

How to contact Etsy Support Via mobile app

Step 1: Open the Etsy mobile app.

Step 2: Select the “You” icon in the bottom menu bar.

Step 3: Select “Help” from the list of options.

Step 4: Tap the Help Center button.

Step 5: Select the relevant topic you need help with.

Step 6: Select the issue that is closest to what you need help with.

Step 7: If you still need assistance from an Etsy Customer Service Representative, scroll to the bottom of the issue page and tap Contact Support.

Step 8: Now follow the exact same steps above to get Etsy support by phone, email, or chat.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to Contact Etsy customer services will help you and resolve all your problems. Etsy corporate policies do not require suppliers to have a business license to open or operate a shop on the platform. Many salespeople work without a trade license.

I hope you understand this article, How to Contact Etsy Customer Service.

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