How to Disable Origin In-Game Overlay Guide

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Check How to Disable Origin In-Game Overlay

All of you may have encountered a problem that is the origin screen that appears while playing a video game. But first we have to explain what Origin actually is? Basically, it is a digital distribution platform developed by one of the most famous game publishers Electronic Arts (EA) to purchase and play video games. Origin’s software client is available for PC and mobile platforms. Origin includes social features such as profile management, networking with friends, joining games directly, an in-game overlay, streaming via Twitch and game library sharing, and community integration with networking sites like Facebook Gaming, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Nintendo. Network. However, the game is not that famous when compared to Steam.

Despite this, Origin has a huge library of games that you can buy at any time. The only way to digitally purchase EA-published games is through Origin. However, Origin also has some flaws. As several users have complained about Origin’s ridiculously high CPU usage while playing some new games like Battlefield 1, NFS, Mass Effect: Andromeda, etc. in their mid-range systems. As a result, some players experienced frame drops and according to other users the game even crashed which is a nightmare for game lovers. Below are the steps to disable Origin in-game overlay. Please follow these steps carefully, missing a single step will not disable the original in-game overlay.

How to disable Origin in-game overlay

  • Open the Origin app on your computer. Sign in to your account if you have already registered or if you don’t have an account, create an account.
  • Mouse over your profile icon and the options menu will appear. Now click on the app settings options.
  • Now choose the Origin In-Game option at the top and uncheck the Enable Origin In-Game button.
  • Once the option is disabled, the changes will be saved automatically. Now the In-Game feature will be disabled when you are playing the game and when you press the Shift + F1 button, the overlay will no longer appear.

Final remarks: How to Disable Origin In-Game Overlay

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