How to do the Diamond Dynasty Mystery Mission in MLB: The Show 22

MLB: The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty mode features several different ways to play, including the Mini-Seasons mode. Mini-Seasons adds your dream team to an eight-team league to play through a season to win the championship. Mini-Seasons also features dynamic goals to complete to earn Diamond Dynasty cards.

One of the goals in Mini-Seasons is a mystery mission called Are you even trying? but it does not state what the challenge is. To complete the Are you even trying missionyou must commit three errors in a single game of Mini-Seasons.

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The challenge is not exactly the most difficult to complete, but the fact that the challenge objective is a mystery can make this challenge troublesome. To complete the challenge, you can simply overthrow to a base, and it will count as an error. The challenge can be completed even if you lose, but winning games in Mini-Seasons provides good rewards.

Completing the Mystery Mission will award a Mystery Choice Pack, which contains a single choice for a classic stadium. The classic stadiums are very cool to play in and can be put in a collection with other stadiums to earn the famous Polo Grounds classic stadium.

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