How to Enter Boot Menu On Lenovo Laptops

Hello everyone, today in this article we will show you how to access the boot menu on the new Lenovo laptops. Many Windows users have complained about not being able to access the start menu on their Windows computers. Actually, this is a simple operation. Today this article will show you how to access the start menu of a Lenovo on Windows 11 or 10 with simple tips for all levels of users. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The boot menu is a menu accessible when the computer is first started. It can contain several boot device options, including CDs, DVDs, flash drives, hard drives, and a LAN. The boot menu allows the user to load other operating systems or applications, even if there is already an operating system on the computer. A boot menu is also useful for installing a new operating system on a computer because the user can choose which device to use. Booting refers to the action of starting a computer: desktops, laptops, and tablets. Two common ways to start a device are pressing a button (button combinations) and executing commands through certain tools. In short, booting is the process that prepares the device for use.

How to Enter Boot Menu On Lenovo Laptops

Use the Novo Button

Step 1: Shut down the device.

Step 2: Then, keep pressing the Novo button on your computer to reach the Novo Button Menu. Then, navigate to the Boot Menu option by pressing the arrow keys.

However, the Novo button sometimes does not work. How to access the Lenovo start menu at this time? You can try another way: by pressing the Lenovo start menu button.

Utilize the Lenovo Boot Menu Key

The Lenovo BIOS key helps when the Novo button does not work. It is often used to enter the boot menu on Lenovo and other brands of computers. How to do that? You should restart the computer and press F12 (Fn + F12) during the booting process to get the boot menu.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to access the boot menu of Lenovo laptops. There are many reasons why you might want to access your computer’s BIOS, including changing the boot process or simply changing the system clock. We have outlined the solutions. Follow them carefully to navigate your PC’s boot menu as quickly as possible. If you liked our article, please share it with others.

I hope you understand this article, How to Enter Boot Menu On Lenovo Laptops.

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